🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)

I’m just installing this battery this battery on my community FP.

It is a 1500 mAh battery found on the French FNAC website for 7,82€ including shipping. It arrived at 60% of charge this morning. I ordered it on monday 31 Jully, we are Wednesday 4 August.

The temper is said to be at 21 ° but in the room it is already upper.

A piece of cardboard is used at the bottom of the battery in the empty space.

Now the back cover fits well. It a long time since it didn’t fit anymore with my bloating battery.

I have no idea of any protection inside. I hope it is protected against overcharge. My phone is plugged most of the time as a wifi bridge for my computer.

Thanks @Stefan and @Micha2017 for the tricks.

More info latter.


I have ordered and fitted the vhbw battery shown by @Stefan above from this website on 31 July and it arrived (in Ireland) today 8 August: https://electropapa.com/en/catalog/product/view/id/11158/s/li-ion-akku-1800mah-3-7v-f-r-handy-smartphone-telefon-wie-hb5n1/?___from_store=de I found that the easiest filler I could produce was from a Stadler rasoplast eraser 526 B30 (https://www.staedtler.co.uk/en/products/pencils-accessories/erasers/rasoplast-526-b-eraser/) - easily cut to size. The battery came with 61% charge. Nothing very informative in this post! But I did wish to thank @Stefan @HermannMeuth and everyone else in this thread for your great help. Will let you know if there are any interesting developments.


Just wanted to share some experience with my Akku-King battery.

I have used it for some time now, sometimes wlan and bluetooth switched on all the time, somtimes just using the phone for the occasional call and for playing music. And I have just one sim-card installed.

When turning on all connections. the battery lasts about a day; when the phone is being in standby most of the time, the battery lasts longer than three days.

So the batterie should easyly last a working day and can be recharged over night.

Temperature control on the other hand must either be working fine or the measurement is not working at all, which is what I guess.
All the time the temperature is said to be 22-24 °C, which to me seems pretty unrealistic, even if the battery at no time felt hot or even warm.

It seems that the temperature measurement of those Huawei batteries is not compatible to Fairphone, as nearly all batteries in this thread report hardly any change in temperature. The only exception seems to be the original Huawei @Micha2017 has, although not the one @FrViPofm has installed.

Well, I just hope, that the protection against overcharging, overheating and short-circuit are working.


Samsung battery with working temperature sensor:



Ich habe mir diesen Akku Huawei HB5N1H zugelegt und vorerst tut er es. Sogar besser als das neue Shiftphone 4.2., das ich gekauft und wieder zurückgeschickt habe, weil der Akku darin keinen Tag durchhält, obwohl auf dem alten Fairphone viel mehr Kram drauf ist.

Es ist wirklich zu ärgerlich, dass am Ende der Akku das schwächste Glied war und wir unsere Geräte deswegen kaum noch oder gar nicht verwenden können.

Es wäre natürlich super, fänden wir noch einen Hersteller, von dem der Akku auch in den Abmessungen passt. Kann Fairphone dafür nicht eine Kooperation mit einem anderen Unternehmen eingehen?


Ich hab jetzt den Akku von AkkuKing (🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)) für meine Mutter besorgt. Die ersten Tage sind sehr vielversprechend. Bis jetzt geht alles. Ich hoffe das bleibt so :slight_smile:

oh, sehr fein! danke für die info :slight_smile:

bekommt man den in wien wo vor ort? (bin zufällig gerade vor ort)

I recognise that the Huawei battery easily slips sidely when the phone is pushed a bit. The battery than looses contact, the phone looses power and it shuts down.
Don´t you think a frame would be handy which fits into the battery compartment and holds the battery in correct position? Maybe as a file for 3D printers?

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It would be nice if this generic battery solution developed into an approved alternative, with associated installation guidance. Many users may be wary, when reading the warnings, and difficulties that some have had.

Batteries can be dangerous and approving a battery makes Fairphone responsible in case things go wrong, so approval would need a long process of testing batteries with the FP1. I don’t think this is going to happen, so for now we’ll have to work with ‘unapproved’ batteries.


So @Stefan, could you provide the community with the details of the suppliers that have provided the batteries for the FP1(U)? These suppliers could then be asked to provide a list of the same but FP1(U) compatible batteries with different brandnames that are still sold on the market and by whom. That would make the search for compatible battery.

I think all information known has been collected here:


I don’t work at Fairphone, so I don’t have any more information than the one that has been collected in the post that @urs_lesse linked to.

I have been using the original Huawei battery for a month now. It still works without problems. For the installation I imitated it @Stefan and used a cable binding. The height is optimal and the battery fits well in the top. It does not slip.
With this solution I am happy.


Somewhere the past two days this product has gone out of stock as well :cry:


I think I’ll be ordering this Akku-King battery @BertG mentioned: https://www.amazon.de/Akku-King-Huawei-Ascend-U8812D-Phoenix/dp/B00BPG42EI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1501660045&sr=8-2&keywords=HB5N1H

EDIT: I just figured that VHBW is also selling directly on Amazon.de, so I ordered the same battery (at least, that’s what I’m hoping) :slight_smile: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00NA09DTG/

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Noooooo!!! :scream: And I’m afraid that all Fairphoners that ordered one of those are to be blamed for the out-of-stock battery… :upside_down:


Oh dear…

Just ordered the Akku King battery just in case. Original battery still working fine, so I’ll just keep the new one in the fridge until I need it.

Perhaps a little bit late but here is a 3D design to fit
Li-Ion-Akku - 1800mAh (3.7V)
in fairphone 1.
It’s simple but has the slope to avoid breaking the corner.

Hope it helps

For me, battery is working perfect.


The “electropapa” link unfortunately states, that the 1,800 mAh version is out of stock.
On Amazon it is still available at 21.89 Euro (4 in stock)

The AkkuKing on the other hand is still available at 12.90 Euro

  • on Amazon (18 in stock)


On Amazon.de there are other NoName “brands” as well:

  • There is a China-accu at 15.20 Euro
  • And another one by X-Longer at 14.03 Euro:

Seems the demand for this generic battery by FP1 users is draining the stock (especially of the vhbw variant) as well as raising the prices for them.

I can just confirm, that the AkkuKing is working fine in my FP1.

The “China” version at least gives no indication whatsoever of any kind of protective mechanism against overheating or short circuit (yet it comes with a CE-sign and I don’t really know, if that’s an indicator on that behalf).

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With cheap no-name goods it is safer to assume the CE marking was just printed on to make it through EU customs without hassle :wink: .

And nobody should claim it means “Chinese Export” …

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