General FP5 questions

Hi all,

Just received my fp5 yesterday and there are a couple of things I cant seem to find.

  1. How to enable Live photo?

  2. How to swop the navigation buttons.
    As my former phone is a Samsung, the back button was on the right and the square on the left.
    Other phones have a setting where you can change this setting (besides gestures).

  3. Customize lockscreen with short buttons for flashlight and camera. Yep Ive enabled the dubble tapp for the camera but sometimes you just like to swipe up.

Thanks all!

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From what I know this is only possible when you “Force RTL layout direction” (right to left) in developer options. Developer options only become accessible in Settings < System when you go to Settings > About phone > Build number and then tap on this seven times. Be careful when you go into developer options. Last but not least, RTL layout might go further than you want to, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Other than that, you might want to try a different Launcher (e.g. Nova Launcher or Lawnchair) and see if it offers you that option in a more isolated way.


You mean scene detection?

If so its the head with AI written in it

If you mean by Live photo the apple thing that each photo also records a 3-second Video, I think that’s not possible with Android stock camera apps

@yvmuell, no not the scene detection. Live photos is a feature that a short clip is shot when you take a photo. This is really helpful with blur or closed eyes

@user172312 got it! But it’s not limited to Apple only. Samsung does the same.
There are indeed some 3rd party providers out there that offer an app with this function, but I prefer the default camera.

But I think this concludes, that FairPhone does not support this. I might opt it as a suggestion.

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Yes a feature request is the best solution then.

I think I remember at the Hamburg meetup somebody showed images with a little motion on the FP5 which sounds quite like the description of “live photos”. Not sure which app it was (probably GCam?), though, or how to shoot them. Maybe @smojo remembers?

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Could be this its the BSG Gcam Port…not sure it really works though…

When you press and hold the camera button it shoots 20 pictures. Google Photos creates a “top shot” selection from that. But it isn’t as sharp/useful as with the GCam. You also don’t get the animation. So the feature is somewhat there. But it’s not automatic.


The third picture in that post. I also have the original on my laptop. It got *.mv as file extension.

Idk how I created it ^^, but I know iPhone usually do that as well or at least have this functionality to somehow take like a small video.

I think I indeed took a TopShot photo: How to turn motion photos on (or off) on your iPhone or Android

Not sure if it works, if you don’t have gapps installed (which is the case here on the FP4). I was not able to create such a picture even I turned it on.

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Tried it sitting in a train and while a get Live pictures on the Iphone, on the FP5 its just a blurry picture named “mv”

So my conclusion this does not work on the Fairphone 5

Edit: see below, I didnt try it the Google Photos Gallery so this might be the reason why it didnt work for me

As explained in the post for the meetup (probably not 100% understandable) it worked on the community FP5 they sent us (I could check it in the standard gallery app and the hands in the background were still moving - exchanging a part of an FP3).

So my assumption is that it has to-do with the FP5 OS or gapps or whatever :man_shrugging:

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On a FP4 with Google apps I can take a “Foto mit Bewegtbild” with GCam and see the motion in the Google Fotos app but not im my usual gallery app named Piktures.

Sure, this still isn’t a feature in the default camera app, but at least I personally find GCam a rather acceptable alternative.


@Ingo I tried Gcam yesterday on the FP5 but it completely spaced (rotating in circles with a white screen)

Most likely a bug or whatever.

Seem like a combination of Apps is needed here.

Google Camera or at least a gcam port (I used that one BSG: MGC_8.9.097_A11_V9
@Pairis )
Edit: → still I think that it also needs the gapps on the phone to actually create the mv pictures / Top Shots.


a Gallery which can deal with that format and “(re)play” it.
It seems Google Photos works best here (would explain why it worked on the Community FP5 we had). I have Aves installed here but it still doesn’t work for me - the files are just pictures even I turned TopShot on (not only automatic which is the default) in the GCam Port.

Aves Libre: Aves Libre | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

  1. you can add Flashlight QuickSettings Tile, then in lockscreen(locked&unlocked) you can swipe down for notification and click to Flashlight


Yes, I did that as workaround. Id like to customize the option that sits at the green arrow, and ideally have a second option at the red arrow.

But maybe I need to change launchers for this