General file browser?

I stumbled upon a screen where one can browse the files in the phone, including access to the Amaze file browser and Google Drive. But I have forgotten how I got there. Anyone can help? Thanks.

Amaze is the preinstalled File Browser App. You can find it by performing an edge swipe or long tap the wallpaper and then tap the “all apps” symbol with the 3 dots.

Thanks for that. Yes, I can find Amaze itself. But the screen I mentioned was one where one can browse various files, including through Amaze and Google Drive.

I think you are thinking about what pops up when you are prompted for a file (for example when you are looking for a file to upload to a website, you can try it by hitting the upload button in your answer box if you answer from your phone). I don’t know of any way to open it from the launcher itself.

You are right. That was what I meant. Thanks and happy new year!