General Fairphone 3 discussion

The Bluetooth certification says is will have 5.0 support, so I believe that.

However the Wifi certification says doesn’t list Miracast support, but this is listed on the Fairphone website… I presume Fairphone added it after Wifi certification.

Also, USB is only 2.0, not 3.1 … really?! What year are we in?!

I’m disappointed about the IP not being higher, but 54 was expected.

Hi @Patrick1 yes you’re right, they’re not really modern those water resistant with removable battery phones I found.


It says “USB 2.0 support”, which I would interpret as it having the ability to talk to USB 2.0 compatible devices, not necessarily that it only supports USB 2.0 (which, I think at least according to the 2.0 spec, would be impossible since USB 2.0 and USB-C (the connector) aren’t “compatible” in terms of specifications)


Launching Fairphone 3: Dare to care


Nice overview of the individual parts


I’ve not found much about the FP3 on other websites yet. Android Authority has a short piece, Techcrunch/MSN has a longer piece which must have been written before the launch and embargoed.

In particular I was looking for info on the websites of partners which were listed in the press conference. Ifixit were there, but nothing on their website. Sky Mobile and the Phone Coop are the same.

I also looked up this VCX score which I wasn’t familiar with until today. The FP3’s score of 64 is pretty good, but not listed on their website yet.

@mheiber I thought that it was possible to have a device with USB-C port only support USB 2.0; I’m pretty sure this was the case with early USB-C devices, e.g. Nokia N1 tablet. However, I hope you’re right that it is at least USB 3.1

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Really nice to see this and meaning the company is growing.

I wonder if the FP3 is designed in a way that it will make it compatible with future cores. Not even know if that is possible. But what i mean is to be able to replace the core, i.e. better processor, 5G compatibility (this is around the corner), etc. And in that way avoid a FP4 and new models every 2 years.


The technical warranty as stated on the website is 2 years.
I trust they intend to maintain software updates for 5 years…


Me neither, I always read reviews of cameras on tech websites instead.

More info + their website:

VCX measurements remain 100% objective, open and transparent. VCX employs/use an independent imaging lab for testing and seeks continuous improvement

They say ‘any phone that can be turned on’, but it’s not clear whether this is also true if you’re sending them a FP

Thank you Fairphone for resisting the temptation to make the new phone much bigger than FP2! I am genuinely pleased :slight_smile:

I am a little surprised though to see that it doesn’t seem to be 5G compatible. Or am I misunderstanding?

Did anybody see info about the size (WxLxH) of the phone with its bumper case? From the looks of the phone and the reviews, it seems to me that without bumper it may actually be more fragile than an FP2. So if it is best to use it with a bumper 24/7 (presumably that’s why it’s included), then that’s the size I’d be interested in.

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They at least sold the FP2 via an online shop in Finland:

And I expect the resellers of the FP2 to offer the FP3 as well.

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of partners:


I’ve been following Fairphone since the beginning. I’m excited by what it represents. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to use one since FF 1 & 2 were not compatible with the US carrier Verizon. Now that they’ve switched over from CDMA to LTE, I’m more hopeful. Looks like FF3 supports the right bands. But is there any way to verify if it would work? Verizon says they can’t check without an IMEI.

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Has anybody else made the same experience today?
I just ordered a FP3 and selected SEPA payment as payment mode (haven’t submitted the payment yet though). However, my order does not show up in the profile. Now I’m a little concerned. Shouldn’t it show up with “status pending”? Also I did not receive an order confirmation via mail, I only quickly saw my order number which was something like FP1700****. (FP17 at the beginning, so much I can remember). I received an invoice though.

From the specs:
4G (LTE)

Type - Cat. 13
MIMO - 4x2
2CA Carrier Aggregation
VoLTE + VoWiFi
Bands - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 13, 20, 26
Digital Image Stabilization
Max download speed 450Mbps
Max upload speed 75Mbps

Just under the picture tab on ‘Tech specs’.


Well, no 5G. Sad prospect for something that should last several years :\


Thanks, Lidwin. Like I said, I looked at the specs. The necessary LTE bands are there. But I don’t know what else is required. Verizon can be finicky.

Pretty decent specs and design, IMHO. So let’s see if they can finally deliver on the stability / reliability side. Only time will tell.
Specs are pretty much identical to a Moto G7 which is a 200 € phone. So the premium you pay for fairness and longevity is unfortunately much higher than it was on the FP2.
What I couldn’t find: Can both SIM cards be on 4G simultaneously? With more and more 2G (and soon 3G) networks getting shut down this is rather critical.

Qualcomm mentions “LTE Dual SIM Dual Standby” and “Dual SIM Dual VoLTE”, so I guess this means yes.

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