🇬🇧 🇫🇷 No FP OS on updater app for back to Android

That can take up to half an hour (30 mins). Just leave it there. (Google Apps need a lot of optimizing because they invade your system very deeply.)

Now, it’s blocking on “Android is starting … starting apps.”

If it doesn’t fix itself, see if there are options in recovery mode to wipe Dalvik cache and normal cache, then reboot. Or perform a factory reset.
I’m not as familiar with the FP2 side as I am with the computer side of working with adb etc, so I’m not sure whether there are any other tricks.

I tried it. And it’s the same again.

Does it reboot itself, or does it just stay on the screen forever?

It just stay on “starting apps”

I don’t recall anyone on the forum posting a similar issue, so I’m not sure what could be causing it.
If you have an SD card in the phone, try removing it and seeing if it does start then.

If that doesn’t work, the only thing I can think of would be flashing new firmware using fastboot. You may want to see if anyone else has a better idea first though. If you do decide to try, the method is described under method 4 on the manual instructions page. You can skip installing drivers and adb/fastboot as you already have those. The .bat file included with the images calls fastboot, so you may need to move the unpacked files to where you’ve installed adb/fastboot.

I needed to remove the SD card. Thank you very much ! :smiley:

I’m curious: did you get the SD card to work with the phone again?

Hum, the phone was fonctionnaly with but had sole bugs. So I stay again
without the SD card and now it’s great !

It might be worth copying the files from the SD card onto a computer, then formatting the SD card in the phone and finally copying the files back onto the card. Sometimes this helps, but sometimes the underlying cause is a defect in the SD card (which a format won’t solve).

Hi there, I needed to find my adaptor of micro-SD for my computer.
So Windows can’t formate the SD card …

Then my guess would be that unfortunately the SD card is defective.

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