🇬🇧 🇪🇸 How could I restart my fairphone?

:gb: It doesnt work the wifi and i want to try this way

:es: Tengo problemas con el wifi que no detecta nada y quiero reiniciarlo a ver si es un problema de configuración

Have you tried switching the wifi off and back on? :slight_smile:

Only a hundred of times. Do you think it would be enoguh to be pretty sure?

Hold the POWER button until you get several options. RESTART is one of these.

Here are few more questions:

  1. Does the wifi work with other gear? (Your laptop for example, friends phones?)
  2. What kind of wifi? WPA/WEP? Is it running a legal channel? The FP might think otherwise.
  3. Can you select the network in the FP? What does it tell you? (Connecting …?)
  4. Can you use an easier password on the router just for testing! To prevent wrong passwords (0 vs O vs o)
  5. Which FP1 software version do you use? Have you already updated to the latest version?

And yes as stupid as it sounds, often restarting the router can help as well, or you might just need a new DHCP lease.

Tell us what you have tried so far. Is the router under your “control”?

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:es: hola @Pazier_Tapia! :slight_smile: The han preguntado mucho, si tienes dificultaded entender el inglés, me puedes convocar (así: @Stefan) y trataré de traducir. :blush: Además: por favor no abras múltiples topics. :blush:

:gb: They have asked you a lot, if you have difficulties with English, you can summon me and I’ll translate. :slight_smile: