🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Random reboots with (official) Lineage OS?

I know your inquiry is not addressed to me, but if you want to know my opinion:

For now it seems that the bug reports do not provide (enough) details to file this bug (router model, protocol, etc.). I have been speculating if this could be a WLAN handshake issue, but I do not have a proof either.

Lots of different bugs causing reboots have been reported in the tracker, without any specific details. Usually these are the kind of bugs which cannot be reproduced, although of course there are exceptions, too…

My suggestion is: Let us wait until @StevenHachel provides some useful information, then maybe @chrmhoffmann will test and find out something which can be reported in the tracker.

We have the lineage bug tracker on fairphone. I’d prefer to use that for the moment.



Good morning,
still have no answer from our admin … have to wait a bit.
But this morning I had a reboot, without a WLAN and without SDCard. Have the file uploaded.

I really have the feeling that my hardware is broken …

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In this case I think you may be right. Looks like corrupted memory to me:

mdss_set_rgb: mdss_set_rgb: r=32768 g=316dle kernÿÿÿÿ
 £ RQ Unable to hantual addel paging request at vir00, qcomress 0pgd = e2ff8000

Nevertheless the investigation of a possible WLAN issue (in conjunction with corporate Apple WiFi) should be continued. Should you have any information from your administrator, please forward them. I have a feeling that your company might use a protocol, namely 802.11r, which could be the culprit…

I have had a number of reboots since moving over to LOS. I’m not rooted through or know how to get the logs.

I’ve had problems on LTE/3G and Wifi. I’ve noticed the phone reboots a number of times when charging (often when it gets to 90+ charged).

I’ve reformatted my SD, but still have issues

I currently have a broken mic, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

Edit: Just read “LOS” in the thread subject, but it happens with Open OS, too:

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  • AirPort Express 802.11n (2. Generation), Model A1392
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • IPv4
  • static

sorry that it took so long.


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Never mind, thank you for the information. :slight_smile:

So you do not use DHCP in the company?

But yes, but this router hangs on a network hub in our office and has a static IP. We basically use DHCP already.

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It would be good to know if other Android phones within your WLAN are affected as well, just to rule out some Airport specific settings (for Mac, iPhone & Co.).

The two Samsung devices of my colleagues with Android 5 are not affected. But the Fairphone is generally a bit more sensitive. :slight_smile:


What I know so far is:

It seems the built-in MSM8974 SoC already supports the 802.11a protocol as well, but the technical specification of the Fairphone 2 does not mention it. (Maybe some related code is not prepared to support it.)

The AirPort Express router in your office could be configured to use the protocols 802.11n and 802.11a, the latter one usually used for the 5 GHz band.

Now, my assumption is:

The current builds of Lineage OS for FP2 might contain 802.11a support, so the OS tries to seek for and communicate with 5 GHz networks over 802.11a. But some “FP2 stock code” (firmware?) probably cannot cope with this protocol, yet, and the OS is left behind with some “garbage” that cannot be processed and - even worse - corrupts the runtime environment. In such unexpected situations the OS shuts down and restarts itself immediately as the only way out of this misery. (I know, just speculating…)

As far as I have seen from your log files, there are (at least) two WLAN’s available in your office, and I expect one to be in the 2.4 GHz and the other one in the 5 GHz band. Your phone seems to connect to the 2.4 GHz network via 802.11n just fine. On the other hand, the WLAN clients connecting to the 5 GHz network in your office probably do this over 802.11a. (Again, just speculating…)

Let us wait for @chrmhoffmann what he is thinking about as the maintainer. Maybe there are some traces of the 802.11a protocol left in the Lineage OS builds for FP2 now, and everything related to 802.11a has to be vanished completely…

I also think that we have some sort of memory corruption. But due to what? Some different router could be the issue. There was a similar problem on one plus 3 where an apple router caused the issue… But I checked the code and we don’t seem to have that exact issue.

I don’t recall if @StevenHachel had the issues before moving to official lineage?


I also had some reboots in my office with Android 6. It may be that it also depends on the WLan.
As I said … at home it is stable. Very rarely reboots, except that phone gets too hot. But that is a design problem.

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If advised and applicable, could we eliminate all references to 802.11a in Lineage OS for FP2 for further diagnostics of the issue?

I don’t whether it helps to tell my fp2-reboot story again:
I have got my FP2 in Janary 2016. In the beginning I have had some trouble with the phone, but I don’t remember whether reboots have been included.
in May 2016 I have got a new motherboard.
I changed to open OS as soon it was available, than to unofficial LOS and than to the official LOS.
Before the official LOS I did have reboots very seldom and mostly when I was running OsmAnd together with Bluetooth switched on.
After the change to official LOS I do have more reboots, about one to two a day.

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Hi Gerry,
I couldn’t reproduce such a behavior at my setting. In case you still have this effect I would ask you to install the “battery charge limit” app (F-Droid). With that app you can limit the charging to i.e. 85% and your reboots should be history. But for that your phone has to be rooted.


nice tool. many thx :slight_smile:

I still strongly suspect this is a clock rate issue. After all, this only seems to happen on AA devices. What I assume is, AA and AB devices all run at the some clock rate (which they obviously should not).

I’m currently trying to find out what memory clock rate FP2s actually run at, but as I’m not very familiar with the LOS/AOSP/Android code base, I probably won’t be fast here. On the other side, I’ve already learned quite a few things about how android works, so digging through this is totally worth it for me, whether I come up with something or not :smile:


I have uploaded a boot.img that resets the kernel to before 3.4.y and deprecated/android-3.4 kernel merges, so approx. what we had before going official.
@StevenHachel and others who have kernel reboots: please try to flash it and report back. If this fixes your issues, I’ll force push this on lineage and then we slowly might try to move on. This kernel will also have f2fs, so it should still boot (it does for me) also on people who moved to f2fs.

Kernel source can be found here:


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