🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Mobile network keeps disconnecting

Did you try switching your SIM cards between your phones to see if it’s the SIM’s or the phone’s fault?


No it’s not. but thanks for the suggestion

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@Joe_Thacker This would be interesting for me to know, too.

My next step will be to send my phone to Fairphone for diagnose.

Just one last notion: Has anyone an idea whether this whole problem could be an antenna-issue?
Last year in November I dropped my phone and the frontscreen broke. I repaired it by following ifixit instructions. Therefore I had to deconnect a lot af cables inside (and I remember that the antenna had to be de- and re-connected). However, several weeks went by without any network connection problems afterwards.

Hi. We did try this but didn’t get very far, because we then realised that all our messages, Whatsapp, email providers and so on were stored in the phones not on the sims. It seemed a good idea and would have worked with a simple phone but not so well with smart phone

Thanks Sarah_HH. Ruth went to O2 and got a new sim card and it seems to be working okay now. Her sim card was very old. We’ll post again if the problem reoccurs.

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Dear all, I have to say I am still with Sarah_HH on this issue and have to admit that I am getting to the point of abandoning my FP1 - which would correspond to a normal use cycle of 2 1/2 years and goes completely against the intention of the whole project. But a smart phone which is at best unreliable for making calls (and at worst keeps disconnecting), hardly ever provides for a stable internet connection (I sometimes even have problems connecting via WIFI) and after the latest update fails to synchronise mails, contacts, calendars is simply not of much use. For work purposes I use a different phone on the same network which I often need to resort to and which doesn’t have the same issues. I really hope that I am simply unlucky and an exception to the rule you though …

@Joe_Thacker: I’m glad to read that at least one customer was able to solve this issue. Lucky you / your girlfriend :wink:

@jette: did you contact the support team? Maybe it is of interest to them that I am not the only one struggleling with this issue.
However: as you said, I am also unsure whether to buy a new (unfair) phone or to put a lot more effort into solving this problem. Not beeing able to make calls or use essential functions of my FP1 makes this whole situation no longer bearable…

Liebe Sarah, ja, mach ich auch nochmal, aber wenn ich so mitverfolge, wieviel Zeit du da reingesteckt hast (und in anderen threads auch so die Standardantworten höre), bin ich mir nicht so sicher wieviel das bringt. Viele Grüße

Also mein FP1 wurde Jänner 2014 ausgeliefert also vor 1,5 Jahren. Wie hast dus geschafft, ein FP ein Jahr vor der Veröffentlichung zu bekommen? :wink:

Zu heiß in Wien zum Rechnen;-) Aber ich hab es im November 2013 bekommen, also fast 2 Jahre. Andersrum betrachtet ist es umso ärgerlicher, auch wenn man natürlich als Erstnutzer einige Bugs erwartet.

Oh du bist aus Wien? :slight_smile: Kennst du schon die Austrian Fairphoners? :blush:

Nein, danke, dann komme ich Mittwoch gleich mal vorbei - gibt es eine genaue Zeit? LG

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Ist am Donnerstag, 13h. Wenn vorhanden, kaputtes Handy nicht vergessen. :blush:

Perfekt, danke! :smile:

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Hi everybody,

I have the same connection problems like Sarah_HH or better to say my girlfriend has. Funny thing is it is the same constellation as Joe_Thacker. My girlfriend and I own a FP1U, she has O2 and I have Eplus. My works fine but her shows the mentioned connection problems since a few days.
So I tried several things:

  1. Changing the SIM --> my SIM is working in her phone as bad as her O2 SIM --> so the SIM couldn´t be the reason
  2. Changing SIM slots --> no effect
  3. Factory Reset --> didn´t change anything
  4. downgrade to OS 1.6 --> problem stays the same
  5. reupgrade to current Kolanut version --> nothing changed
    Both phones ran fine after and before current Kolanut update, only her phone shows the problem a day after the update. There was no damage or selfrepair action with the phone. I guess it´s a hardware damage.
    Did anyone have a guess what else I can do to fix it or what the reason might be ?


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I really like the list of things, you have tried to solve the issue yourself. Good job!

It really looks as if it was a hardware failure and probably can be repaired under warranty. Send a request to Fairphone linking to your post above.

Hi Matthias,
seems to me your girlfried is struggeling with the exact same problem.
I sent my phone to the support team last week and now I am hoping that they find a solution I think it would be helpful if you report your story to Fairphone as well, as Stefan suggested. Then it becomes apparent that this is not a single issue and that there may be even more customers in the future contacting them, so that they should be eager to find a proper solution :wink:

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Hi Sarah_HH and Stefan,

thanks for your suggestions and the fast reply. Yes an support request will be my next step. Hope it doesn´t take long to repair it.


I just got my phone back yesterday. Well… the case of my phone :wink: they replaced the motherboard. I guess, it was kind of a cost-benefit calculation after they did not immediately find the reason for the connection problems. On the repair sheet it only says “user damage”, but I was not charged for the repair / exchange.

However, my phone works fine now. The only disadvantage is that I have to reinstall all my stuff. But I am fine with that now that I can do phonecalls and use mobile network again.