🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Fairphone 2 will not start


My Phone will not start.

I phoned, delete some Spam an phoned again.
The FP reboots an hang in the moment as the fairphone logo was shown.
I pressed the Powerbutton and the phone restarts.
The logo was shown an then the screen goes out. It hangs again.
I removed the battery for some minutes. (several times)
After the insert from the battery the logo was shown an then the screen goes out. It hangs with black screen.
The voltage of the battery ist 4.1 volt.
Without the battery and with an external power supply the red light goes for a short moment on.
With Battery the red (and green) light does nothing.
The removing and the application of the display have no effect.

Have someone ideas whats the problem is.

Hey, I’m sorry you didn’t receive a reply so far.
I guess you are already in contact with support by now, but in case you still need some help:

  • Do you have a slim cover? Have you tried removing it? Sometimes buttons get stuck and cause the phone to reboot on it’s own. Switching the power and camera button usually solves this.
  • Try the battery reset as described in the #batteryguide.
  • Try to #disassemble your phone and carefully clean the connectors between the modules. Also see if you can move the battery inside it’s frame. If so put a folded paper into the gap(s) to make sure the battery sits tightly. Then put everything back together making sure it fits well.

If none of that works support will probably have to replace a module (battery, bottom module) or the whole phone.

Hallo Zusammen.
Mein Fairphone 2 ist nun schon 6 Wochen defekt. Fairphone hat lediglich einen Anlauf unternommen das gute Stück wieder in Gang zu bringen - ohne Erfolg - und hält sich jetzt vornehm zurück. Keine Antwort - keine Rücksendeadresse - keine Hilfe.
Ich bin von dem Support enttäuscht und kann nur sagen, das ich das Telefon nicht empfehlen kann. Mein letztes Telefon ein Nokia E51 hat 9 Jahre gehalten. Zum Vergleich das Fairphone 1 Jahr und 1 Monat.

Andreas :o(

Es kann manchmal passieren, dass beim eMail Verkehr was nicht klappt. Anrufen hilft dann immer.

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