Garmin vivoactive 4 connection problem

Hi guys

I have a Fairphone 3 and a Garmin vivoactive 4. The first three weeks I got the watch I could connect the Garmin via the FP and sync all my data in the Garmin connect app. For two last two weeks I can’t connect it again. I tried reset the watch, reinstall the app, restart the phone, etc. For your information both the watch and phone are on newest software. Until then I didn’t know if the problem lies with the watch or phone.
Today I tried to connect the watch with a friends iPhone 6s and it worked. Therefore I guess the problem lies with the Fairphone. I am confussed because it worked perfectly at one point. That’s why I do not understand the issue.

Any suggestions to help solve the problem?

Thanks in advance

Do you have any other Bluetooth devices and are they functioning correctly? I know it is not practical and the last thing you would want to do, but at some point you may have to reset FP3 as I am sure you have already considered in case a setting has got corrupted in an attempt to solve this issue.

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Greetings schilyv,

do you have an active Covid19-App from your Nation in use?
Maybe that is interfering the synchronization.


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Thanks everyone for helping me and giving me some advice.
Fortunately I could reconnect the watch with my Fairphone 3. I did reset the watch and took the watch away from connected devices in the bluetooth settings of the phone.
I thought I had done this before, apparently now it worked

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