Gap between Fairphone OS version on phone and online

I can update my FP2 to Fairphone Open OS 1.11.1, but at there’s already a Fairphone Open 16.12.0 release. Can anyone please explain that discrepancy? Where can I get the FP Open OS from?
For me, that’s quite confusing…

There shouldn’t be an Fairphone Open OS version 1.11.1, as that version number scheme matches regular Fairphone OS. If it is showing up in the updater as being open OS, then something somewhere (Fairphone’s update server?) isn’t what it should be - though the alternative version should normally be listed under advanced mode, if I’m not mistaken.
If you want instructions for installing Open OS, check here.

As a side note: there isn’t any relationship between the version numbers of Fairphone “regular” OS (currently 1.xx.y) and Fairphone Open OS (YY.MM.X, where YY is year, MM is month, X is release version). The next updates are probably going to be named 1.12.0 (regular) and 17.01.0 (open), if the devs get the release version right in a single try.


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