Game controller for the FP4

I’ve recently started to play some emulated retro games on the phone which works great (recommendation for Lemuroid!)

With on screen controls this only works for a handful of games that don’t require complicated real time interactions.

Therefore I was wondering if I could connect a game controller to the phone and found out that there is a whole ecosystem for mobile game controllers with integrated phone holders.

Can anyone recommend any controllers that work well with the FP4?


I bought the razer Kishi. Fairphone 4 is larger than indicated, but the Kishi comes with two internal "plastic/gummy"thing to protect the phones from scratching. You can remove them easily. Once removed, you can tightly fit a FP4 and the case. It’s tight and I had to slightly fine the razer Kishi to remove some edges. But then it works great! I like the Kishi because is not Bluetooth, so is very reactive no lagging.

I can post some pictures in a couple of days when I am back home.


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what I meant is that FP4 is larger that what the Kishi is supposed to host as smartphones. USually with the Razer Kishi, you remove the case, and fit the smartphone with no case within the plastic adapter on the sides (which can be removed). IF you remove them, you can fit a phone with a case. And in these cirucmstances, the FP4 fit particulrly if you slightly fine away some corners.



Looks awesome! But I don’t get it straight, do you have to remove the case or did it work with Case?

It worked with the case of the fairphone. The Razer Kishi comes with internal plastic padding to protect phones without case. But the FP4 without case is too big to fit in those paddings. So you need to remove the internal paddings of the Kishi (they can be removed easily for cleaning) and then you can fit the FP4 with case. Without phone case it may be scratching because you have hard plastic vs the naked FP4.
With case it barely fits, but it fits. You may have to push or fine away some materials, but it fits.
So it is FP4 with official case, but you must remove the internal plastic paddings of the Kishi.


Ah, neat. So the official case. Thanks for that advice. I already got the Kishi but have my fairphone in a Biowaves Case (wich broke yesterday after a month of use -.-). Guess I’ll buy an official case now.

Hey there! Did exectly like you said. Some fining and it fits perfectly well. I used a dremel for fining and removed more material as seen on your pictures. Guess sandpaper would be a payne in the ***. Alternately you could fine the cover if it’s easier, whatever is in your comfort zone. The Kishi works great without further settings. Just plug’n play as far as i experienced. The desktop mode is also interesting for gaming, at least I played Thimbleweed Park on the TV with a bluetooth mouse. If there’s a compatible bluetooth controller other games than p&c adventures should be playable too.


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