Galileo vs Baidou on FP3


a few days ago I received my FP3. I’m pretty happy with it, but I have a question regarding the satnav: according to the specs it supports the GNSS standards: GPS, Glonass and Galileo, but the app I’m using (GPS Status & Toolbox from EclipSim) only shows GPS, Baidou and Glonass satellites. I’m not seeing any satellite with a name starting with an “e”, I do see just a number (GPS), cXX (Baidou) and rXX (Glonass). Other GPS apps also do not show Galileo satellites.

Are there errors in the specs? Why am I seeing Baidou satellites while they are supposedly not supported? Is Galileo not yet activated because it is still in testing phase?

I did not find a setting to influence the satellites used so maybe a software updates is needed to get me Galileo instead of Baidou? As a European citizen I’d like to use Galileo, since that partially is paid by me.

Thanks, Otto


Hi, I have seen people detecting Galileo satellites on Samsung phones with GPSTest app, available on F-Droid. The Galileo constellation is currently operational. The status can be checked here:


I checked GPSTest just there and I’ve got two :eu: satellites on the list, so they are available :smiley:


GPSTest (also available in the play store) does not show Galileo sats for me.
Galileo is not in full operation status yet, only initial operational status. But there are many sats operational yes.

On a FP3? Do the entries show actual reception of signals?

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On my FP3 and here’s a screenshot (removed the vast majority of info, cos privacy)

If I’m understanding the info the app is showing correctly, the 18.1 shows the satellite is being used for finding location :slight_smile:

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Nice to see a demonstration that FP3 shows Galileo satellites. The 18.1 are dB. It is the received signal strength, the C/N0. The Fairphone 3 is listed as supporting Galileo in Single Frequency mode, here:

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I now see a Galileo sat once in a while, but it really seems the FP3 has a preference for the other systems,. In general, there should be a handful of Galileo sats in view.

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Maybe you will enjoy trying this:

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@om1 my FP3 is using Galileo satellites permanent in 2020 screenshot

Hi all,
I just wanted to add my hapiness when I yesterday saw that FP3 does all four current SAT-NAV systems, more than the spec’s suggested! I can confirm what is written here - FP3 get’s them all :slight_smile:
I use my Smartphone for Hiking a lot - I certainly will appreciate the added versatility!

It’s a “special” app that use Galileo Satellites?
I will like to get rid of gps and google app in the future.


No need for a special app, I have all sat-nav systems on lineage without google apps.
GPS, GNSS is a passive system and should not cause any concerns as long as you trust your apps that use position. Its much like a radio controlled clock just listening.
Sorry if that’s not what you meant but the combination of getting rid of google and gps gave me that impression.


Hello Andry-Dodo, thankjs for you answer.
The idea is starting to use Galileo application (with GNSS is good understood) intread of google ones.
I’ll be happy when fairephone will push out a ROM without preinstalled and mandatory (system) google apps.