Future Fairphone 3 module upgrades?

I’m curious if fairphone has plans to have the future of fairphone 3 be more modular and create parts for upgrades rather than a next phone. It sounds like something I’d really like to see but I also understand that something like that can be hard to do.

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Best ask support@fairphone.com, you hopefully know this is only a user forum with no such knowledge, however I doubt it and there are other topics on this.

Hi Strongthany,

the most interesting parts (SoC, modem, …) for an upgrade are not modular, so I guess that the answer is no.

And as @amoun already said: this is just a community forum with no official involvement from Fairphone itself.

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I would care for a camera module with OIS in 2022 and a night mode, as it frankly is getting embarrassing.


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