Fully functional Fairphone 1 (FP1U)

I’m selling a fully functional Fairphone 1 U.
The phone was rarely used for about 1,5 years now.
It is nearly like new. There are only slight scratches from the use.
Here you find some pictures.

Included is the phone, the battery, the handbook, a case and a power adapter with micro usb connector.

I am located in the south of Germany.
I speak English and German.
I can send it via DHL or Hermes.
Price is 80,00 Euro, plus costs for sending it.

I may consider buying this. I have a FP1 where the contacts is very difficult to get to as it is ‘loading’ for ages. The phone log also shows ‘loading’ for ages. I trust your phone doesn’t have these issues.

I haven’t seen this issue yet. Have you tried to solve the problem with the Fairphone support?

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