🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Full ungoogled LeOS-R Android 11 available

if you want use your FP3 with latest ungoogled Android 11, use LeOS-R-GSI. It’s tested and working without bugs on several FP3 devices.

willst du immer das aktuelle Android 11 auf deinem FP3 nutzen dann flash LeOS-R-GSI. Es ist getestet und arbeitet ohne Bugs auf mehreren FP3-Geräten.

More information / install HowTo in LeOS-GSI telegram group

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Some more resources without the need to join Telegram immediately …



If unfamiliar with the GSI concept, the internet should have something useful when searched for “android gsi”.


Whoever claims, that his software is bug free won’t get my trust.

I only can say, that all FP3 users are happy with it and never reported any bug. The LeOS-R is running without any issue on the FP3 from them. I don’t own one, so I must trust them. And they use it as a daily driver. And LeOS-R itself is very stable and is also running on several other devices as daily driver, incl. on my device.

But you are right in one point, no software is really bugfree.