Frontcamera creates dark images with some software

:information_source: A bug report has been created: Issue 87

Fairphone 2
OS: Fairphone Open 17.11.2
no SD Card

###Built in Camera

Taking the same photo with the front camera results in a much darker photo as with the back camera, cf. attached images of the same gray surface.

Video calls are only possible with the back camera in front of a mirror because the front camera produces a very dark image.

###Camera App
Takes nice photos with both cameras.

Since the Camera App works fine it seems to be a software bug but a bug with affects at least 2 applications. Maybe they share the same bug.

Has anybody experienced the same behaviour with any other apps ?
Will this be fixed in the coming releases ?

The same thing was mentioned here … solution was (currently) to use an App which works.

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To use another App is not a solution for video calls because my conversational partners have Linphone on their phones, e.g. iPhone5.


I think this may be something to file in the #bugtracker.
Until it’s fixed the only workaround for video calls I can think of is using the back camera and a mirror. :wink:


I have ceated an issue:

I have to tried to add the photos but the upload failed :frowning:


I have created an issue in the bugtracker three weeks ago concerning a major functionality. However no reaction of Fairphone.

I understand your frustration, but software fixes take time. Especially if manpower is limited - as you may have noticed, most bugs are unassigned. The issue is likely as simple as not having had the time to verify that this bug is real.

What makes this extra-tricky is that it is not immediately obvious why some apps have this problem and others don’t, so finding the source of the problem can be a pain.

Also, I’d suggest submitting this bug to the maintainers of Linphone too, but while Linphone is supposedly open source, it’s not on Github. So on top of the similar low-manpower problem, they don’t use a modern bug tracker but a GNU mailing list (the project started in 2001, so it makes historical sense, but this is still very frustrating)

In the mean time, have you tried going into settings and tweaking the video presets to see if it has any effect? I can’t test it myself right now because it requires that I actually call someone before I test the camera (bit annoying; in general not a big fan of the interface, to be honest). The only contact I have is in do-not-disturb working mode.

Alternatively, according to [its wiki page](, Ring seems to support SIP, perhaps it works as a replacement client:

Find it on F-Droid by typing “cx ring”

Adding an SIP account is a bit hidden away, you have to tap the triangle next to your own:

I uh… haven’t managed to successfully move over the settings from linphone yet, if you succeed let me know. So I also can’t comment on whether the video calls actually work, sorry.

(also, last time I tried Ring, it drained my batteries like crazy. However, that was an earlier beta so hopefully things are better now. And you can turn off Ring account, in which case it shouldn’t be wasting battery connecting to the decentralised Ring network)

Hi JobLeonard

Thanks for your reply. But please do not waste your time with linphone!

The issue occurs also with the pre-installed app Kamera:

Yeah, linphone development seems a bit fossilised, and not in “why update if it works?” way :cold_sweat:

Did you manage to get Ring to work for you? Since you said you an SIP client for communications.

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