Front camera switch button disappeared


I can’t find the front camera switch button in the default photo app (for selfie). I try other apps, and the button isn’t there neither.

I’m using Fairephone2 open OS, and i seen this problem after a update, but it may be a camera problem…

how can i test my front camera?

Doesn’t Checkup offer a camera test? Settings > Maintenance > Checkup :slight_smile:

You might want to consult Fairphone’s Troubleshooting Tool as well.

already checked in the maintenance checkup, nop :confused:
I looked in the Troubleshooting Tool but my problem isn’t listed: i juste can’t find the front camera button as before ^^’

Remove the camera top module from the core module and put it back into place then (screwdriver: Phillips #0). See if the FP2 recognizes it again. Sometimes even just a restart helps.

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If the problem is the front-facing camera, the top module is the one you want to check. If it’s the back camera, then check the camera module.


Hello Johannes,
How can I be sure about that? Because I have the same problem as Snyf, and I bought a camera module, but nothing happened and the problem is still existing. So because I’m really desapointed for buying a camera module for nothing and because it is quite expensive, I would like to be sure if I buy the top module it will work.

By the way is it possible to send you back the camera module I bought and to be refunded?

Thank you!

Sorry, I really do feel for you, but you will have to contact support.
@Johannes as Community Moderator is not an employee of Fairphone, but just a customer or someone interested in Fairphone.

You can reach support via this site:

Members of the support team are active in this forum as well. You can find a list of them here:

Maybe someone from the Fairphone Community can help you, by lending you a top module for example. You can locate someone near you on the Community Map (


I have the same problem :frowning:
Did you find a solution?


If you can’t switch cameras that usually means the camera you can’t switch to is not connected well. So #disassemble the phone and take out the camera module (main camera) or top module (selfie camera) and clean the connectors.

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I did but it didn’t work. The selfie camera won’t show up in the default camera but it does in an other app - but it stays black. I just bought the new front camera and put it in and a new display. I had trouble with the selfie camera before though.

Have you updated the OS to the latest version?


Yes, it’s updated. I actually had to reboot it because without the latest version my new display wouldn’t have been able to connect.

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I guess then the new top module you got is broken, or - since you say you had similar issues before - maybe the main module’s connection to the top module. Do you happen to live near any of the #localcommunities? They can help you find out which module is broken by swapping modules around.


I had the same problem. My solution: I disassembled my FP2 with the new top module and put in the old top module. restarted the phone. the front camera switch appeared again. then I disassembled my FP2 again. and put the new top module in again. restarted the phone. this time the phone recognized the new top module.
Sounds stupid, but it worked in my case. Maybe give it a shot. Hope it works! :slight_smile:


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