Front camera problems

I have a problem with my front camera. I poor light conditions (it should still be able to take a photo) it kind of dims out, works normally, dims out, snap back to normal, dim out and so on. This is soooo annoying. Anyone else have this problem and know of a way to solve it?

Is this with the default camera app? Perhaps using a different camera app from the app store might help.

It’s with all camera apps I’ve tried, and Skype/WhatsApp as well

I noticed the same behaviour yesterday when Skyping.
The front camera especially seems to have problems when there is a lot of contrast in the scene (eg illuminated face in a darker room).

My previous laptop’s webcam had the same behaviour, and I think it’s a driver/firmware issue, which balances exposure for foreground and background in a rather clumsy way.

A workaround I found back then is to sit against a wall or fairly bright background when using the camera in low light conditions.

Yeah, I’ve found a couple of way, like lighting up my surroundings as well. But I don’t need that type of workarounds. I want to be able to use my camera when I want too. To not be able to Skype without turning on every light in my apartment or when in public spaces is not great.

Have the same probleme. For me it looks like the camera is reacting to the light in some inverted way. When it’s too dark it turns the light down and when it’s too bright it turns the light up.

Haven’t thought about it in that way, but it’s true, it’s worthless at handling bright conditions as well. It seems to be a rare problem… :confused: