Front Camera Flash not working with Snapchat

My teenage daughter bought an FP2 because she is so convinced about the sustainability concept and I encouraged her to buy it (and funded the higher price compared to other Android phone. Unfortunetely the quality of the front camera is very poor, i.e the flash when using snapchat is not really working and the picture quality is bad.
We bought the FP2 in July 2018. Android 6.01. Frond Camera Omnivision OV5670.

Any recommendations waht to do? You can image that this bug is a serious concern and brings my daughter into a bad situation day by day as she has to defend the decision for the FP2 in her peer group day by day.

Is your daugher using the stock Android phone app? If not, Open Camera is an app that produces far superior pictures (at least in my case). I’m not sure how that would work with Snapchat - does that application use its own integrated camera software, or does it use whatever default camera app is installed?

If all else fails, you could consider a USB LED accessory - I saw someone (presumably a vlogger) walk down the street with a big ring light attached to her phone a while ago.

Edit: something a bit like this.

As far as I know the front (selfie) camera doesn’t have a flash.


You can ‘flash’ by making the screen all white. Some apps are capable of that. If Snapchat is doing that and it is not bright enough, maybe you need to increase screen brightness?



thanks for your support - and you are right the front camera has no real flash. We bought a USB LED ring and this improves the quality of the pictures.


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