From L16 to /L17.1, or /e/? Camera and Sound Problems

Hello all,

I have had the FP3+ for just under 2 weeks now. I first installed Lineage 16 with TWRP, Magisk, AFWall and adaway. Unfortunately, I didn’t test all the functions naked first and then found out that both my camera and my sound don’t work.
Reading in various forums, it seems to be solved in /e/ as well as in 17.1, but even there not with all or in combination with the mentioned apps. I would also be happy to cooperate with the people responsible or one of them who can hopefully do this without gapps. This also applies to 16 ;).

Thank you for your help and your tireless efforts.

Which ones? /e/ and the Fairphone forums I suppose?

Could you give a source?

I’m not quite sure about what you are waiting for and what help you need… Perhaps you could explain a bit more?

Yes, and forums of the apps because there are also empirical values there.

i cant send to much links -.-

Well I have 2 mistakes. No sound and no camera. Camera I can still understand because the difference between 3 and 3+ is the camera module. In the unofficial build of /e/ the problem seems to be solved already as well as in Google’s Android. But that I have no sound either via Aux Bluetooth or directly via speakers surprises me more. Since I found the problem only after the above steps, I thought it helps to mention them, otherwise we are looking in the wrong place.

The FP3+ actually differs from the FP3 in terms of audio as well, although this is not discussed as often as the new cameras in the FP3+. The FP3+ core module comes with a different amplifier that produces slightly higher volume. You can see in the FP3+ and FP3 specifications that the FP3+ output has 2 dB more. And the speaker module got equipped with a bigger speaker as well.


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