Fritz!App Fon forgets ringtone

Dear Fairphoners,
using Fritz!App Fon happily for years and also on my previously installed “normal” FP OS I now encounter a problem with FP Open OS 16.06.0 (without any Google or playstore):
When I chose a ringtone in Fritz!App Fon for incomming calls it only works until the next reboot of the FP2.
After the reboot the app works again but the ringtone vanished and the app keeps quiet while showing incomming calls. I’m running Fritz!App Fon 1.88.5.
Has anybody the same problem?

Where are your ringtones stored? Other users reported a similar problem when the sound files are stored on the external sd card. Copy the file(s) to the ringtone folder on the internal phone storage and see if it works now…

Thanks Irina,
who on earth can tell where FP2’s list of ringtones comes from? :confused:
It shows personal ringtones from my external sd mixed up with system-(?) tones that I couldn’t find anywhere on my rooted phone. Do you know where the system-rintones are stored?
For testing I copied a system-tone called “Ganymede.mp3” to storage/emulated/0/Ringtones and renamed it in “ganymedeIntern.mp3”. But it’s not even shown in the list. But that reminded me on the Ringdroid-app. So I opened Ganymede with Ringdroid and stored it as a ringtone named “Ganymede Rufzeichen”.
After I chose THAT in the Fritz!App Fon it is stored “reboot-proof” and doesen’t get lost again.:grinning: :innocent:
Cheers, Barney

Android Ringtones are stored here:

Maybe these are more reboot-proof than those in storage/emulated/0/Ringtones

Thanks @verasiegrid. I will check. But I still wonder where the real system ringtones are stored…

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