Fritz app fon 1.90.2 on OpenOS 7.1.2

I installed above app, but it pops up any moment you want to press some other application.
Have now chosen to force termination, but want to control this finer. Any Adjustments possible ??
I am waiting until I get my Fritz Box working on the Vodafone side, not yet possible.
BR Erich

I got the fritz app fon working on FP2 with OOS .
People report hearing their own echo on the calls. annoying.
I have very clear reception.
Steps to reduce echo have been done as per the help of fritz app fon. Echo is still there.
What can I do ?

Care to share with us how you did that?

Hi Ingo
Yes, I operate a Fritz!Box WLAN 3370 with firmware 103.6.54
For Documentation I put the whole affair in in German, so you can find it there
BR Erich

Hi Echo reduction :
Reducing the loudness of the speaker also reduces the echo which is heard by the other party. I was able to have a good conversation today without echo. So the echo is a mechanical or acoustic echo from the loudspeaker to the microphone. Maybe the designers can do something about for FP 2a, or FP3
BR Erich

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