French Consumer Reports Magazine on Smartphone Ethics (PDF included!)

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One of France’s leading consumer magazines (60 Millions de Consommateurs) included Fairphone in their review of ethics on smartphone production and recycling. Fairphone has a pretty green image, especially on production conditions.

I scanned the full text for you as PDF

Things I’d like to see in a new article:

  1. So far, Fairphone is not yet in their Smartphone reviews. Some of those recent top reviews have gone to Huawei products, some of the worst have gone to wiko (French brand bought by a Chinese company, name stayed), but I don’t think the smartphone reviews include ethical stuff like this. Yet.
  2. 60 Millions replaces some of the sources in this kind of article with more “objective” ones. They do a lot of quality reviews and research themselves. Sorry, but I don’t totally buy greenpeace and moralscore without some strong backup material.

What I’d like to know: What Apple and Samsung are doing as far as elminating toxic products. I guess if you can’t open/repair it you cannot be exposed to those products!?

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