Freezing screen

Hello everyone.
I’m experiencing since many month ago an intense freezing screen when I’m playing on my FP2.
It’s coming randomly and I don’t really know why( If think it has happened when I’ve made one update for the phone. But I’m not really sure about this reason).

This is like if the screen freeze, do not respond at all. And even if I’m trying to use the power button to shut down it, or if I’m trying to lock the screen, nothing happened at all.
The screen stay frozen and I can’t do anything except to remove the battery from the FP2 and replace it.

I’ve experienced also some crashed when I’m using different kind of application. But I just need to restart the application and that’s it

I thought I just need to update the phone with the latest upcoming, but I did it twice, and nothing has changed at all.
If someone can help to find a solution or at least, find the reason. I’ll be truly thankful.



Have you tried to press power button longer than 15s?
This will at least reboot the device (though I don’t have real advice against screen freeze).

Hello Volker.

I didn’t tried since yesterday. And that’s working.
Also, thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

I hope and that someone can helps me to find the problem :confused:

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