Freeze app position on homescreen

Hi all,

Anybody knows how to freeze the app position on the homescreen with the stock android launcher?

I would like to do so to avoid accidentally changes of my layout on the homescreen.

I do not find the setting…

Thanks for the help



Doing a long tap on an empty space will offer you to open the home settings, where you can lock the home screen (it works for me under LOS 17.1 on FP2, may be different for you).

Not available on Fairphone 3’s Android 9 (not with developer options enabled either).
Let’s hope Android 10 will remedy this. :slight_smile:


Second guess.
If you go in Settings→Apps & Notifications→Default Apps, next to the option “Home App”, I have a little Settings icon that brings me to the same options as the previous method.

The same settings there … but the freeze option is not included in it either.

Oh ok. For me it’s called “Allow Edit”, and if you deactivate it, it freezes the apps position. As I said, it may be different or LOS specific.

Edit: Found that article that says it was introduced in Pie for Galaxy phones. But it seems Samsung specific.

@Jenson I’m afraid it’s not possible for the moment, you’ll have to wait for android 10 update in 10 days to see.

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Thanks for your answers, let’s wait for Android 10…