Freebox wifi and Fairphone 3+

Hi !
I have some problems with wifi instability on my Fairphone 3+.
I think it’s related to the wifi technology used in the “Freebox revolution” & the “Freebox mini 4k”. My Fairphone 3+ seems to disconnect regularly from these specific router. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for other devices connected to these router.
Do you think I need to change something in the settings of my router or is it somekind of a material issue ?
You can check the specifications at the end of this french website after “vos
équipements” : Freebox Révolution : Profitez de la Fibre, TV by CANAL inclus
From what I remember it’s the same specs’ in the Freebox mini 4k concerning wifi. There’s no longer infos on the official website concerning the “mini 4k” since this Freebox offer has just been deleted.
Je peux traduire ce post en français si besoin


Ce problème serait-il similaire à celui-ci ?
Dans ce cas je propose de merger ce topic avec l’autre.

Merci d’avance

[Edit - PS j’ai moi-même une mini 4k et ne constatais pas de problème mais j’ai ajusté la config. Je vous ferai part des détails la semaine prochaine.]