Free cleaner app for OpenOS/rooted device

Hi all and Merry Christmas/Happy holidays.

I have a question around cleaner apps - I was using a free version of Android Cleaner by Systweak but after after an update I keep on getting ads.

I don’t mind paying a few £/$ for the pro version but without Google Play that isn’t possible.

Are there any decent, ad-free apps out there that do the whole RAM boost, large file, cache cleaner thing that anyone can recommend?



I never used such Apps, so for what it’s worth …

It seems from Android 6 on cache cleaning by an App is not possible anymore anyway (say the descriptions of LTE Cleaner and Cache Cleaner).


I wouldn’t use those apps. First, the kernel knows best how to handle RAM, and it does it really well. You normally just disturb normal page cache handling (it may be that after swiping out all those unneeded apps another one might start faster, but the cached apps are there for a reason: you probably use them more often than anything else)
Just keep away:


If you enable developer options, there’s an option to restrict the number of background apps that are allowed to run. I’ve found that it speeds up FP2s with too many installed apps; it does reset on reboot, though.


Didn’t know that, have made some changes. Thanks for the advice

Great, thank you. Only had FP2 just over a year and still have a lot to learn about Android and rooted devices (was an iPhone man for too many years prior to this!)

The androidpit article says I should use the Android Settings>Storage>Clean Cached Data function. Looking at this list of apps to delete, I found all the apps I used yesterday, with the statement “Unused during last year” (translated from German, so probably different formulation in English).

Maybe that’s a new question, but how can I correct these usage statistics? If that’s so glaringly wrong, how can Android do a good job at managing its memory (in RAM or on SD)? Isn’t that compromising the whole idea?

Probably that’s the reason i cannot find this entry on Android 9… I wouldn’t care too much about that date, as both system and app can use the cache… Actually, i only delete cache if one app behaves strange . And the cache in ram is a quite different beast… The Linux Kernel knows how to handle that quite well. Sure, memory pressure might get quite high (i often had apps force closed by the system because of that) there’s really nothing somebody/something outside of the kernel can handle that well.

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