Free (as in Freedom) future for Fairphone hardware and OS?


I am moving to the UK in a month and am super excited that I am finally going to live in a place where the Fairphone can be shipped to!! So first of all, thank you very much for making such a great device, one that I’ve been wishing for for a long time!

However, are there any plans to make both the hardware (components, PCB boards, circuit design, etc.) and software (i.e. the OS and all installed software) Free as in Freedom in the near future? Perhaps completely open hardware design/components, and running Firefox OS or Replicant? This is obvious given the Fairphone is supposed to be a socially responsible product, and respecting a user’s basic freedoms is paramount to that stated goal.

I realise there is a poll to get people’s opinion on this, but are there concrete plans for making all this happen soon? Because if so, I’d be willing to do what I can as a non-programmer/engineer to help make it happen.


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Hi @avamk

There are quite some posts on this forum regarding other software (OS etc.) as well as discussing a future phone. You might want to look around a bit :slight_smile:

I do want to remind you that this forum is community-based / community-driven. Answers or thoughts/ideas here are not official. The support team browses the forum from time to time, but does not reply to everything or considers every idea.

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