Frame skipping while recording video


I am experiencing bad frameskipping while recording video. I am using default settings 30fps at 1080p with stabilisation. Saving to sd card Samsung 128 Evo. Anyone having similar issues or a solution?

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I have the same problem… Any help yet?

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Same here. Using default settings and saving to phones internal memory.

My problem is like this:

When turning stabilisation off the problem disappears. Hopefully it will be fixed in an update.

My wife’s new fp3 seems to have a problem with the camera. Videos made with it always flicker creating a really annoying effect. Has anyone else had this problem? Here is a video example: . Is there a way to fix it that doesn’t involve sending the phone back for replacement?

This looks like a problem with Image Stabilization. Try going to the camera settings and disabling video stabilization. Still giving you that problem? Did you changed any other camera settings? Maybe did you enable developer options mode in the camera app?

You can also try to see if this problem persists with another application, such as “Open Camera” (you can get it on the Play Store or F-droid), and thus detect where the problem comes from.

Good luck with that! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are correct it is image stabilisation problem. We will download open camera and see if it fixes the issue. Turning off stabilisation removes the problem completely… So it’s a software issue 99%. Thanks.

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I have exactly the same issue. Hopefully Fairphone will fix it in a future update. I don’t like to use 3rd party software if it’s not needed.