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:uk: Hello,

On my fairphone bought almost two years ago, I stayed at version 5.1 of Android. I would like to update but it seems to me that I would lose the widget “your phone for years x” and “you had peace of mind x minutes” this gadget was a feature of fairphone well in the mind of this phone . Is it possible to find it with the latest update. Thank you for your reply.

:fr: Bonjour,

Sur mon fairphone acheté il y a presque deux ans, je suis resté à la version 5.1 d’Android. Je voudrais mettre à jour mais il me semble que je voudrais perdre le widget “votre fairphone depuis x années” et “vous avez eu l’esprit libre x minutes” ce gadget était une caractéristique de fairphone bien dans l’esprit de ce téléphone. Est-il possible de le trouver avec la dernière mise à jour? Merci pour votre réponse.

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The widget is part of the old Fairphone launcher, which is open source, so someone could re-create it from the code.
The #wearefairphone community is/was working on that and releasing it on F-Droid, but it doesn’t seem like there was a lot of progress lately:

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Thank you, I have to go open source and be patient :slight_smile:
no solution in sight for android?

You wouldn’t need to use Fairphone Open OS to be able to install the apps if/when they get released - if that’s what you meant by ‘going open source’.


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