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Depuis quelques jours il y a plein de publicités qui s’affichent sur mon écran lorsque je suis sur des applications comme whatsapp, instagram, facebook et j’ai sans arrêt le clavier qui apparaît et disparaît… Quelqu’un peut m’aider?

Voilà le type d’images que je reçois…

Looks like some app you have installed opens a browser on your behalf in order to annoy you with advertisments for downloading some other malicious apps. Dont trust the screen print which claims it is from Google. The domain you show doesn’t appear to have relations to Google :wink:

Translation to french by Google Translate:

On dirait qu’une application que vous avez installée ouvre un navigateur en votre nom afin de vous ennuyer avec des publicités pour télécharger d’autres applications malveillantes. Ne faites pas confiance à la sérigraphie qui prétend que c’est de Google. Le domaine que vous montrez ne semble pas avoir de relations avec Google :wink:


Any ideas how I can get rid of it??!

Depends on the way on which you got pre-infected and how it actually works. You wrote you have it on opening What’s App, Instagram, and Facebook. Usually these sites come with their own app. Do you run the app and instead the browser opens and shows the site you posted above, or do you use the browser always and it shows up by then?

“Easiest” and most drastical solution is always factory reset., but maybe useful only after backup of your data. And doing so, you’d have to care for not infecting other hardware. So, “things depend”.

Do you use standard FPOS with Google pre-installed or any other variant?

Hi @Vicbuc

today I’ve read about a false WhatsApp app inside Google Play Store which wasn’t detected so far and has infected devices of 1 million users. Hopefully you haven’t downloaded this one. In the article they didn’t give informations about how to get rid of it.

German article: Eine Million Android-Nutzer laden falschen WhatsApp-Messenger aus Google Play

No I didn’t… but I reseted it that was easier… :slight_smile: thanks for the help and tips!

I have the same issue when I’m using Firefox with standard FPOS : It happens some times but i cannot see which app is leading to this. Also, it appears mostly on some press-related websites like huffingtonpost, lemonde, lefigaro, slate.

I also saw this issue on other non-fairphone devices and as it does not appear when i use Firefox Edge, i think it is a tracker or ad issue.

Next Time you see this, test with an ad-blocker (just for test, you can remove it after)

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Did some digging.
It is not a virus or a malware : it’s just an advertising issue.
Websites do not have control on all advertising that are displayed on their page. Some sh**** compagnies added automatic redirection in their add.
Browser compagnies are adressing the issue to block this behavior. Google made an announce and mozilla already published some guides and tools to avoid it (and others browsers are building counters too).

Juste wait or use a tool / an other browser to block them.

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