FPOS Android 10 download WANTED

Running FP3+ Android 11
Want to try Ubuntu Touch
Recommended version is Halium 10, which is to be installed from Android 10 (Fairphone OS).
Where can I find the latest stable Android 10 for FP3+ ?

I have asked that your post be moved to another asking the same question.

Since then I have found the one I was looking for that says don’t look for one :slight_smile:

@amoun: I understand the safety argumentation in the thread you refer to. But my goal is not to use the lower (more unsafe) android version online. I will only use android 10 OS as base to install Halium 10 OS (over usb connection). Therefore the safety argument might not be valid in my case.
I knew already, that I have to unlock the bootloader for installation.

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My link wasn’t to say there was a safety argument as such but to point out Fairphone don’t provide public links to their ‘old’ downloads, their reasons just happen to be what you referred to.

The only option is to hope someone did download an A10 version to install manually and still have that stored somewhere they are happy to make available.

You can directly ask Fairphone.
I have added ‘Wanted’ to the title so as not to invoke you need help with Android 10 etc.

@amoun: Thank you for your addition.

Maybe ask in the Ubuntu thread if anyone has the files?

I first asked support@FP to get confirmed to look elsewhere, which is here: FPOS Android 10 download WANTED | UBports Forum

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Somehow succeeded in installing Ubuntu Touch (see link in the post hereabove).
Process repeatedly failed. Tried from two different Android10 versions, also from A11, but as I said UBports-installer repeatedly failed. Don’t know why it succeeded in the end, but I do confirm that my FP3+ currently runs Ubuntu Touch.