Fp5: What are the advantages and disadvantages of different Roms?

So back in October I wanted to try out different Roms and I was playing with Android GSI Roms since no degoogled roms were available at the time. I created this Reddit Post where I went into a detailed explanation on how I did things:

A few months have passed and there are some Roms available. Now my Question is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of different Rom?

For example, could it be that you get newer Android Versions with CalyxOS than with FairphoneOS but the FairphoneOS is better optimized (since the special Chip inside)? Or are these Roms fully optimized as well but have limitations on what Apps you can install (because of certain Google Services)?

For a list of Roms, I visit this Forum entry:

Also a shameless plug here: Is there a big “Linus Fix Update” planned, because in the Response Video the CEO mentioned this Idea and I really liked the idea, since there are some minor inconveniences (like the loud earpiece or the sudden changes in screen brighteness)? Maybe you could even use that for marketing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you very much! This is exactly what I was looking for!

One Question that remains, do the supported Roms have the same optimization for the Device (CPU for example) as the FairphoneOS?

(Maybe I’m thinking a bit too Windows like - for example I have a Lenovo Laptop and I get way better Battery Life and CPU Performance when I use the Lenovo provided Windows installation than when I use the Stock Windows installation.)

Be very careful with this table, it is very oriented to push GrapheneOS. For exemple, esim activation is green for Graphene but he use Google for that. Others solutions exists. On the other end, the table say for /e/ that they use Google for DNS connectivity check, it’s incorrect, they use Quad9. And there are others little lies to push some rom.


Thanks for the heads up! The thing with GrapheneOS is, that it only for Pixel Phones so it wouldn’t be a contender for the Fairphone.

I am still very curious about the optimization of the Chipset, since it’s not a typical Smartphone Processor. Do these Roms have the same optimization or does the FairphoneOS have some tricks up its sleeve?

It is not incorrect.

Default DNS and DNS connectivity checks are distinct.

  • Default DNS is a fallback server.
  • DNS connectivity checks are used to determine if it is functional and doesn’t actually connect to eg. Google. Just makes sure that the DNS isn’t giving bogus results.

It has been rigorously checked for accuracy by many, you can contribute to this table if you think it is incorrect: Issues · eylenburg/eylenburg.github.io · GitHub