FP5 Upper speaker not working in calls

For me it’s slightly different. If I make a call or get called my standard upper speaker doesn’t make a sound. Switching to the bottom speaker works! I run the microphone tests and the one test with mic 1 to receiver worked! Also the two other microphone tests worked! So in my opinion, the upper speaker can’t be defect. In addition when I use a Bluetooth headset everything works fine. My telecom provider is Deutsche Telekom.
Anyone out there having the same strange behavior?

Well did you also do the speaker tests (and probably the receiver test)? Mic tests would not give information about a speaker issue. As this a different issue, I will move this into a new topic or existing if available.

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Hello @yvmuell thank you for your feedback. Since I hear the scratching noise in the upper speaker when I tap on the microphone holes, I am pretty sure that the upper speaker can’t be electronically defect. I wrote a ticket to the Fairphone support and within two days I got a first response with a catalogue of questions. The already mentioned and done tests amongst others as well.
Unfortunately none of the tests changed in the Safe Mode.
In a nutshell: I have to use my Bluetooth Headset or the speaker mode when making or receiving calls at the moment.

Regards Harald.

Where are you from? May BE you. Could getbin contact toba Fairphone Angel tobtest If an Exchange of the speaker Changes Something.