FP5 sometimes boots unexpectedly

So when I shut down my Phone it should only wake up after I reboot it, right? Well, obviously yes, thats why you shut it down, you want it to be turned off. However, when I shut my FP5 down in the evening, my Alarm goes off in the morning (it shouldnt, tha phone should be OFF), and when I go into Settings › About, i can see Uptime is like 1-3 hours sometimes. Why does that happen? Is it a bug on Fairphones side or maybe from the /e/ Developers?

There are plenty of discussions about what the expected behavior of a turned off phone should be if the alarm is set. You could try setting an alarm maybe half an hour ahead, turn the phone off and see what it does. Does it turn on if no alarm is set, either?


I tested it and it booted up 2 minutes before the Alarm, so yeah thats probably the reason. Thanks for your clarification.

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Nice feature, actually. Loved that back on the Fairphone 1.

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It does not boot on mine. Just ignores the alarm. Any way I can turn this function on?

Thats most likely a e/OS feature


Really seems to be a custom funcion on /e/OS.
I think that’s a great feature - and it even works on a Murena FP4 !

It even works on a Murena FP3.
If you really don’t like it then just remove the permission for the clock app to wake your phone up.
For details see here:


I doubt that. I used the absense of that Feature as a Feature on my last phone which also ran /e/OS.

Edit: okay after reading the other posts, I am very confused…

Well its an e/OS feature on the FPs at least, as no FP had that since FP2


Okay, that seems to make sense, thank you for the clarification