FP5 purchase from the UK?

Hello, I am a UK resident thinking of buying a FP5, taking advantage of the free battery offer. Now we’ve left the EU (:hot_face:) I am worried about possible customs delays and import duties. Can anyone advise and enlighten me regarding this please? Thanks in anticipation.


Fairphone is still commercialised in the UK, through the usual outlets and in conjunction with carrier deals. You can contact FP official support for details.


I have asked the question to official FP support. The only reply I’ve received so far is this:-

"My name is {xxxxx} from the support team. Nice to e-meet you :).
Thank you for supporting Fairphone and for reaching out.

We have plenty of UK customers and have not heard of any issues with customs so far!

If you have any other worries, questions or remarks, please do let me know and have a wonderful day :)"

Hardly impressive.
No mention of my import duty concerns. No mention of “commercialised in the UK, through the usual outlets and in conjunction with carrier deals.”.

I’m not confident that I won’t encounter delays and/or customs duty. Not sure if I’m going to go ahead.

While I am not over enthusiastic about the reply you got, the website clearly offers service to UK customers, warranty including - Our Warranties for the Fairphone Devices and their accompanying accessories and spare parts - Fairphone

Perhaps you can have a chat with some UK based resellers offering FP? Where to buy | Fairphone

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From the support.fairphone.com website:

There are three exceptions: Switzerland, Norway, and the UK. When a shipping address is in one of these non-EU countries, the local VAT, customs costs, and additional administrative costs are now included in the prices of the items and the shipping charges.

If you’re buying from a UK operator, a couple of examples.

or ask Which?


Just to add, I’m a UK owner and purchased my FP3+ via Co-op, and everything was fine.

There was a hiccup with a 2nd invoice charging for the same phone, but I called them, spoke to a local human and sorted it out… which, to me, is probably the feedback you’d like to know about.


I bought my FP4 via EE two years ago with no issues and it came in 3 days. My sister bought one direct from the FP site two weeks ago, and it arrived in 5 working days as claimed on the order. No bother either way!


Hello I bought mine from EE last November. I’m pretty sure it came from the UK so no customs fees or anything. It is a while ago but if there had been a nightmare I’m sure I’d have remembered. When I was checking my bank statements to see where I got it I saw that I had ordered it with another reseller and they hadn’t dispatched it well over a week after ordering. And EE threw in a free case so I cancelled the other one and ordered through EE. I was expecting a hard sell for their phone services too but thankfully that didn’t happen!


I bought my FP5 last year and didn’t have any issues at all with it being sent to the UK.

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I bought my FP5 online from Fairphone in January and it was delivered within a few days. No customs issues or anything. (I live in Wales)