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How do you force use of the wide angle camera in the stock app? (nevermind, found it, zoom out)


you can use the 1.0 button in 2 steps… overall I dont find this button very intuitive and would like to see at least the second button for wide angel…

Portrait mode is a bit strange


Oh wow - that outline detection worked terribly. But I honestly never warmed up to that Gaussian fake DOF trend anyway.


Some snapshots, all taken on FP5 with BSG GCam port.


A few pictures with the stock cam:

Only the picture of the steam train is not completely convincing, but that was with gray sky and difficult lighting anyway, so I find this acceptable.

Edit: Added the grid markdown as suggested by @urs_lesse, thanks for this suggestion.


Just a little suggestion for everyone posting pictures here: Put [grid] and [/grid] around them and they will be presented in a more compact way (for what it looks like, see my first post). You can still edit the individual photo “names” (the text right after the exclamation mark ! in your photo markdown code – see @Martin_Anderseck’s photos right above and their descriptions) if you want to add information to individual photos.

@Stenneth_Flushpool Love your photos #3 and #4 best! :+1:


Here some pictures I took to compare the differences between the official FP5 Camera App and BSG GCam Port:

- Primary Camera, Daylight Settings:

- Primary Camera, Nightmode


- Ultrawide Camera, Daylight Settings:

- Ultrawide Camera, Nightmode:


Kinda seems like the GCam port pretty consistently adds more sharpness to the image, while Fairphone’s stock camera tends to produce lighter images, which appears to be an advantage in dark environments.


Discourse seems to reduce the quality of these uploaded images a lot.
I will post a link here later with the original quality…

I think the only mode where the Fairphone Camera app is getting much wrong is the default daylight mode for the ultra-wide lens.
Even the night mode for the ultra wide lens is much better than the default mode. I assume this can be easily fixed with an update :slight_smile:

By the way, the pictures were taken with a trypod.


Even the ones displayed when you click on ‘original image’ in the popup view?

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-10-01 23-47-52

Yes. those “originals” have a size of ~140KB, my originals were between 3.5MB and 6.5MB…


The FP5 has made me more comfortable at taking pictures in a low light environment.


Are the trees really that blurry or is it just horrible jpeg compression? Nevermind, I think I see compression artefacts all over the image…

Nice scene though. As usual, it looks like the white balance is off though. I can’t say for sure without seeing it with my eyes but everything looks too yellow. “Too yellow” is the first thing I noticed when I went out in the artificial light after dark with my FP5 and compared to old phone.

EDIT: this is a little closer to the result I’d expect, just a quick poke of color temperature, yellow hue & saturation and contrast in gimp (I hope you don’t mind me posting this edit, let me know if you want it gone). The sky still feels off but I’m not sure what to do about that :confused:

(Ah the forum does indeed re-compress jpegs… not great!)


I’ve seen the discussions about the Discourse compression, but I don’t think we can blame that. I’ve also shared Pixel pictures in the past, Discourse does a good job preserving the quality.

You’re right that the pictures are still blurry and there is room for improvement. But coming from the FP4 it’s already a major leap forward. I at least can take these pictures and for me the quality is worth sharing with others.


It makes me happy to see what progress the camera of the fp5 has made to the fp4 so far. Bigger question is, how far will they upgrade/improve the software to get even better pictures on that hardware.

Like in example the wide angle camera. Will they improve software to get sharper images, because the hardware seems capable to me to do so!


I hope so, wide angle is a bit awful in my eyes


The super wideangle-camera has a way smaller chip. Lenses normally are darker at the edges. Additionally, the light hits the chip at the edges in a very unconveniant angle, that gets worse, the wider the angle of the picture.

In the pictures there do not seem to remain any much details in the data of the corners (if not in sunlight) that could be enhanced (compare the leaves on the lower right to those at the upper left). I have the feeling, that improved Software could sharpen bright parts (like the slightly blurry tree on the upper left, but parts like the lower right are a lost case, unless the Software starts to invent details (like Samsung does on the moon), so it looks good, but is not veridic anymore.

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Fairphone 5 versus Pixel 6a

According to DXOMark the FP5 should perform more or less as a Pixel 5 which was released 3 years ago.

Let’s see how it does when compared to a Pixel 6a, which was rated as the best camera phone of 2022 by MKHBD’s blind test.

I also made a Fairphone 4 versus Pixel 6a in the past.

On the FP5 I use Android 13 (September update) and on the Pixel 6a I use Android 14 (October update). The FP camera release number is v6.00.04.0037.47.0

Regular snaps

Every picture on the left is from the FP5, the second one is from the Pixel 6a.

Wide angle camera

7x zoom


Night mode


I think the FP5 was a major improvement in terms of the camera. Exactly what I was hoping for, it’s actually better than I hoped for. You can still see that the Pixel has often sharper images with more natural colors and better HDR/dynamic contrast. But the Pixel 6a fails at macro pictures (it doesn’t have that feature). Night mode pictures are for both very decent, but in very dark environments the FP5 still lacks (not included in this comparison). But, I’m not dissatisfied. It may even come down to your preference of the post-processing done in the software. Although, the Pixel takes the most color accurate pictures.

Some more random FP5 pictures


The first picture was from my old Pixel 3, 3.5 years. The second picture is from my FP5 today. The Pixel 3 wins, but the FP5 isn’t that bad either.