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:gb: Many thanks @Ingo for the very good and clear comparisons! :slightly_smiling_face: That certainly makes a lot of work! For me personally, the Wichaya photos from your last two posts look the best.

As @Moritzw already wrote, comparisons in twilight as well as in darkness would be very exciting and helpful. Maybe you still like to make these as well? That would make me very happy.

:de: Vielen Dank @Ingo für die sehr guten und übersichtlichen Gegenüberstellungen! :slightly_smiling_face: Das macht sicherlich viel Arbeit! Für mich persönlich sehen die Wichaya-Fotos von deinen letzten beiden Posts am besten aus.

Wie @Moritzw schon schrieb, wären Gegenüberstellungen sowohl bei Dämmerung als auch bei Dunkelheit sehr spannend und hilfreich. Vielleicht magst du diese ebenfalls noch machen? Das würde mich sehr freuen.

Shot with stock camera. Exposure is inconsistent, blurry pictures still happen often and the colors don’t seem to be natural. Still, not too bad. Using version v2.0.032(07291500-01.


The only really bad is the colouring of the wide angle lense, thats almost unusable in my eyes

Shot with GCam (showing the actual colours e.g. of the pavement)

Stock Cam Wide Angle lense (pavement is blueish, the church def was not that bride red…)

Under good conditions its def.not too bad compared to Gcam

When its coming to slightly difficult conditions (white dog too white) Gcam is def. better


Gcam, Adobe Lightroom treatment


All took with stock cam


Fairphone 4 versus Google Pixel 6a

In this post I’ll compare the cameras of the Fairphone 4 and the Google Pixel 6a. Every photo on the left is the FP4 and the right one is the 6a.

It’s up to you to decide if this is a fair comparison. Both phones have different missions. But this does put the quality a bit in perspective. To be fair, the lighting conditions kind of favor the Fairphone. In bright light the Fairphone is struggling with the dynamic contrast and color ranges. The season simply doesn’t allow a sunny day comparison at the moment.

I think the cameras on average perform equally. Until it becomes more challenging with the light and zoom. I think Fairphone can be proud. However, they still need to work on better auto focus and dynamic contrast and light. Also the video stabilization is quite poor and the color accuracy of videos and sound quality is terrible. There is work to be done, but so far they delivered a fairly usable camera which will be sufficient for not too demanding environments.

OS version: FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920
Stock camera version: v2.0.032(07291500-01)

Wide angle

Night mode


Maximum zoom

2x zoom


Up close




Thank you for that comparison. I’m on the fence of replacing my Pixel 2 and the Fairphone checks all the boxes except for the camera. It mostly performs well enough except for low light. Do you by any chance also have some of those shots with the gcam port? To be honest those pictures of the traktor wheels aren’t to flattering for the fairphone. And I’m really curiouse if a different camera app might have dealt better with it or if it is really the sensor that just can’t keep up. This is especially interesting from you because it would be in direct comparison to a phone known for it’s good camera.

There is an FP4 GCam topic in this forum as well, but I just browsed through it and there aren’t many samples posted there (my link is to some though :slight_smile: ). I think you will find at least the same number of comparison shots in this topic here, watch out especially for @Ingo’s (topic starter), but also several others’ posts here.

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Just in case FP views this topic


Outdoors with the right light the FP4 can come quite close to high end camera quality. But indoors with daylight coming through it creates fuzzy out or focus with a strange color blend photos. This still makes me sad. Shooting pictures of a new born baby in the family is basically not done with this phone. Luckily there are family members with a Pixel and iPhone otherwise those memories are basically lost.

I won’t share pictures of people. But the comparison below gives the gist of it. Faces are horrible indoors and ghosting effects occur easily.


Sunrise today


Waiting for the bus in the dark

The OpenCamera image in the first row unfortunately was taken with flash while all others were without flash.

Here I think I definitely prefer the stock cam.


Indeed, the stock app did a very decent job there.


Thanks for the comparison at night! :smiley:
I am really surprised. I also find the stock app the best. Especially in difficult lighting conditions, I would have rather tipped on gcam. But here I find even open camera better than gcam. Although the images of open camera are quite blurry.

So, since i was pleasantly surprised how the FP4 did while running around on Halloween - i decided to add my first post here :slight_smile:

The other pictures contain people, so i wont post them. The FP4 tried to have the faces of people decently lit, and did not try to push the darkness around the subjects higher (as the pixel 6 of my wife tried, which led to heavy grain in those areas).

The Hardware is quite capable, so i am positive that with just some fine tuning the lighting/HDR in the Stock Camera could be improved and reach quite high quality.


Can you share this? I’m curious. As you can see in this thread, Pixels are far more capable of creating decent pictures than the Fairphone, especially in challenging environments such as low light. The picture you’re showing is actually taking a picture of a light. When you try to take pictures in a decently lit living room without the lights on you’ll notice that the detail in picture quality will degrade quite fast. Faces even may become unrecognizable.

I am sorry, those photos are personal. I will try to explain the situation a bit better.

In general, you are right - the pixel cameras and their HDR are quite capable. I went on smaller family trips without my camera gear (5D Mark IV, several lenses), knowing i could count on decent pictures with my old Pixel4a.

However, having the pixel6 and the FP4 side by side, it is sometimes funny that the pixel6 tries to make the shot better but delivering a, from an artists point of view, worse picture.

Same shot, but i do prefer the FP4 - even if the Pixel 6 manages to avoid the overexposure.

Overall, the Pixel 6 delivers outstanding Images, and is the best smartphone camera available now. However, i am amused by the edge-cases where the HDR magic goes too far and tries to make a better picture in theory, while making it worse. Those cases make up maybe less than 1%, but still interesting imo.

One example were the flashlight lit faces of kids against a dark brick background. FP4 had those bricks nearly invisible, which was fine as it was dark. The Pixel6 tried to increase the exposure and contrast in those areas, which only lead to more noise and made the picture a bit boring.


Stock camera, night mode.


Into the morning sun


All night mode and stock camera.