FP5 Picture quality/steadiness

Hi everyone, i’m having some problems with my fp5 camera. I have the steady snap option enabled yet when i am taking photos they are from steady. Granted the problem mostly arises when i take a photo of my daughter who moves suddenly but it’s really affecting capturing those special moments. My partner can take a photo on his phone (different make) at the same time and get’s a much better result. I’m wandering if there’s some settings i don’t know about or is this just how it is? Attaching a photo also.

Hi and welcome to the community. Is it the same outside with good lightning conditions? Do you have the AI scene detection enabled as well? What if you take a series in such moments, are all always bad?

Do you see that yellow sign in those moments?


I’d also recommend the series function for those moments. Just keep the finger on the button in auto mode and you shoot 20 pictures in a row.

Thanks for your answer. I can see that the pictures are of better quality when outside and AI scene detection is enabled. I haven’t tried taking pictures in a series so i will try that next and see what comes out of it. I’m getting the yellow sign but it flashes on and off the screen.

Thanks for the advice, i’ll try it. This function is only available with the back camera right?

Yes, main camera only.