FP5 Overheating Due to Unusually Warm Weather

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Today was unusually warm for the season. It got around 71 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity. The FP4 had this issue last year. The FP5 got very warm causing it to thermal throttle while out and about today. The screen became unresponsive and would not respond until I arrived at my destination. I was using it to play radio via my cars dash. So Bluetooth was being used along with the SD card being read from. It seems that the FP4 & 5 can’t withstand hot temps for long periods. Even if it’s just doing a light task as simple as streaming content from the device itself. I wonder if more people are going to have the same issues this year due to climate change. I figure thermal throttling is going to be a problem like last year. Has anyone else experienced this problem lately?

Well when its placed directly in the sun, yes it will heat up, doesnt seem unnormal to me though…


So about 22 °C.
Apart from the season perhaps, that’s not particularly hot and a totally reasonable temperature to operate a phone in.

As @yvmuell said, direct exposure to the sun might heat it up, though.

True; but not quite. It wasn’t in the sunlight. It was in the cars dash. A place where you can set your phone in while driving. When it was 71 degrees. The humidity made it feel at least 10 degrees warmer. I live in the great plains area. This place is supposed to have snow this time of year. But due to climate change. It’s more like spring weather. Still it doesn’t explain why the phone became unresponsive for the two hours I was out the other day. Bringing it into a cooler climate brought it back to normal. That doesn’t explain what happened here.

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I dont think its related to the temperature when the phone was not exposed to the sun directly. Mine does only heats when directly lying in the sun (still usable so far both FP4+5) however not just because its a bit wsrm outside


I know. It just doesn’t explain why the phone became unresponsive. I can understand the phone getting warm from time to time. That’s basically how the phone cools itself. I just want a feature with the battery icon turning blue from the cold and red for when it’s to hot out and it can’t cool itself. It does it for the cold winter days at least. I just hope it’s just a fluke incident.

Did you check whether the surfaces of this dashboard compartment stay cool?
I mean, one would assume so, but what else to check at this point.


Do you have an inductive loader in the dash? :thinking:
FP5 is not prepared for that, as far as I know. Perhaps that could be a reason, but I’m no electronic wizard… :wink:

No qui-charging. And to answer the other question is a rubber like plastic. I’ve been to the doctors the other day and went shopping today with no issues. I still think it was indeed weather related that day with it hitting 70 degrees around the afternoon with average humidity. The only other thing that would probably cause heat up is 5g connection. The only thing is I was just streaming from the SD card. It could’ve been doing background tasks that I wasn’t aware of. Like maybe doing updates or doing a backup without my knowledge. Who knows. I just want to cover all bases because this could become a issue later as summer is around the corner.

Forgive a rookie question, but what was the phone temperature and had it reported being too warm?
Anything that led you to link screen lack of responsiveness with thermal throttling?
My FP5 gets warmer when the battery is low. I have never experienced, at least, never noticed thermal throttling yet.
The older phone when exposed to sun on a cycling gear, in a plastic case ( !) kindly informed me and stopped working accordingly.

When it got warm I couldn’t close any apps, the screen home, back, & menu screen buttons didn’t respond to inputs. And it was slow to do anything with the device. It took a few minutes to even respond to the radio on the dash imputs. I do use a screen protector and a case to protect from drops while out & about. That is plastic and gorilla glass for the case and protector respectively. I don’t normally have any issues with those. However that can cause this to be warm. It isn’t noticeable except on hot days with any portable device I had over the years. So I honestly don’t have anything else to say. That is the experience I had that day. It’s been doing fine each time I took it places.

Thanks for your reply. The reason I asked was I am puzzled whether this behaviour has not been caused by any other factor, not the temperature itself. Has the phone temperature gone up and higher than like 40 Celcius - 104 degrees Fahrenheit?
Has it reported any issues due to temperature or has it just felt overheated?
I would be curious what is the temperature threshold to be worrying about

Sorry I just got this notification from the phone while charging the device. It was just sitting on a stand charging for the last three hours. It was raining today. Normally a restart would make this error go away. Should I be concerned. I’m wondering if moisture got into the product. It doesn’t make sense since I take great care of things. Enough to buy case and screen protector. [EDIT] It seems to be fine saying it’s fine to use again. That does worry me from time to time.

And how would I go about doing logs on the device. I know that that would answer the question of what I he phone is doing on the day we have been discussing. Especially the temps on the phone. That would indeed be helpful to this thread.