FP5 NFC defect?

I had problems using the NFC for payment yesterday and wonder where the NFC is located on FP5. Any educated guesses or perhaps knowledge?

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Take a closer look at your battery. There’s a visible (and “feel-able”) hump on it. That’s the NFC antenna. Unfortunately there’s no Support article to back up this, but it’s been communicated in some launch events.


Thanks Urs!
I already suspected this. After many Tests following the documentations I am pretty sure my FP5 NFC is defective. I cross checked with 2 other devices Protected Mode, Fairphone App Test, NFC Tools and I made a factory reset etc… Still no success. It would be nice if it is “just” the battery/NFC Antenna failing.

The NFC button is working. I can toggle NFC on and off but the icon at this button is greyed out. I think it should be black if it is working correctly. Am I right? Can you confirm that it will be black as the other icons if properly working?

It’s grayed out for me as well. But my Yubikey works fine and GPay as well.


If those weren’t among your tests yet, the FP5 has a wide range of hardware tests built in.
Dial * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # * in your telephone app to access them. I don’t know by heart, but I would think there’s an NFC test among these, too.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact Support at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I did all these tests as mentioned. So I am pretty sure it is defective.

A few minutes ago I called Fairphone by phone to get a Solution. It is proposed to get an answer tomorrow. Keep fingers crossed :slight_smile:

EDIT: It is now going back to Fairphone repair center.

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