FP5 Lock screen and quick settings customizability?

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I’m a recent buyer of Fairphone 5, it’s my first Fairphone after switching from my Samsung Galaxy S9. I guess this is more of an Android 13 problem though… I’m finding it a bit hard to get used to some UI features which I can’t change, specifically with the quick settings and lock screen. I’m currently using Nova Launcher.

I find it a bit annoying that there aren’t that many quick settings available in one screen, after pulling down (8, compared to Samsung’s 12) mainly because they’re so big. Also, having the wifi and data in the same quick setting instead of two separate ones that can be toggled on/off. Always bothers me not being able to do that.

My other issue is with the lock screen. Is there any way to change the layout and add shortcuts like camera/torch without having to download an app on the Play Store that might not work that well? Otherwise, are there any apps you might recommend?

Just little details that I’d appreciate if there was a workaround.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Sorry if I misunderstand your question. But you can change the order of the quick setting icons (using the pen) so that torch is shown when pulling down notifications on Lockscreen.
And you can triple press power button to start camera. So no need for quick setting icon.

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and it has to enabled in the settings I think

Else the customizations are not possible, especially the lockscreen point has been discussed here recently several times.


I really hope lock Screen gestures or at least lock Screen Widgets come to the FP5 :cry: On my former OnePlus 3, I could quickly draw a “V” on the locked screen to light the torch within a split second. Camera could be started with an “O” (the Double Press on the Power button is ok, but doesn’t always work for me). Or previous/next sing with “<” / “>”. That was incredibly useful since I use the torch multiple times a day.

You can use example Button Mapper, and set VolUp Hold to Flashlight, in settings possible activate also when lcd off and locked

For widgets on lock screen, you can try: Lockscreen Widgets and Drawer
which i use for big battery circle (widget from Flight Pro - Icon Pack) as really miss this from native lockscreen on my previous Motorola Moto phone… (also check setings when widgets hide, set when pulled notification panel, when ask for pin…)


Thanks! Butto Mapper works like a charm when the screen is on /phone is unlocked. How to make it work with screen off?
My phone is not rooted (although I’d probably do it if it wouldn’t delete my data). I tried thr adb commands and the Button Mapper Setuo App without sucess… Any clue? Can you share detailed information? I’m sure it would help others as well :blush:

i have FP5 rooted, so for me is enough in Button Mapper settings switch on “Screen off actions”

so i test disable root for Button Mapper, and after try switch on “Screen off actions”
is show dialog “Advanced setup … required adb command” with buttons Windows and Mac/Linux

  • as i have Linux, select Mac/Linux and follow onscreen instruction
  • as adb i have installed system-wide, not run “./adb …” but “adb …”
  • in end i can enable “Screen off actions”
  • defined button for On/Off Flashlight work also in sleep/locked/lcd_off

BUT as script runing over adb say “service must be restarted every time you reboot your phone”,
and not possible run script via ConnectBot as /sdcard/Android/data/ is not avaiable without root…

I do worry when people say this. Do make sure your data are properly backed up, whether you root your phone or not. Anything can happen, you can lose your phone, it can get immersed in water, dropped from a ladder, left on the roof of your car …

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