FP5 & LineageOS

Will FP5 be fully compatible with LineageOS?


I pretty sure it will be however you need somone who builds it…


I’m also waiting for that, or CalyxOS, to become available, as I’m not going to use a phone with Google Mobile Services on it. However, I’m optimistic, and Google-free /e/-OS could be available as early as end of September, as Murena already offers the FP5 with /e/ in their shop with shipping from then. Murena Fairphone 5 - Murena - deGoogled phones and services Maybe I’ll even buy it from there and use /e/ until Lineage or Calyx get available :slight_smile:


I’d say give it at least half a year to a year for everything to be fully functional, but ultimately there’s no way to tell for sure how fast things will move along - LineageOS is developed by volunteers from the community after all. I guess an xda developers thread regarding LineageOS for the FP5 will spawn pretty soon. Once someone has committed to development you’ll probably be able to follow the state of things there. Installing the not-yet-official release while development is ongoing is also usually an option, but you’ll have some features that simply won’t work at that point.


I think it makes sense to watch the Development - Fairphone Community Forum category. Usually a topic for Lineage (and also other ROMs BTW) appears there at some time. Usually for the unofficial builds first and later for the official ones.