FP5 in Sweden - FM Radio - BankID- Swish

I wonder how the performance of FP5 is in Sweden ?
Can I use BankID, Swish? what about the FM radio funktion? I love to have this possibility, to listen to radio without internet / mobile connection only with head phones as antenna?

Fungerar Swish, BankID?
Hur är det med radio appen? I min gamla smartphone (som är nu sönder och behöver ersättas) hade jag en radiofunktion , dvs lyssna på FM Radio utan internet med hörlurar som antenn. Vem vet?

The FP5 doesn’t have an FM radio receiver built in. That becomes obvious as there’s nothing where you could easily plug in simple headphones.
Apart from that everything should work just as it would work with any other Android phone.

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Thank you for this superfast answer! There is no possibility to connect simple headphones?

Det var inte så kul att man inte kan koppla på hörlurar… Men stort tack för ultrasnabbt svar. :slight_smile:

Well… There is:

But there is still no FM receiver in the phone. Search for “headphone jack” in this forum, there has been quite some discussion about the removal of that feature on FP4 already and there is an explanation by Fairphone somewhere why this was done.

There seems to be Fairphone Angel in Stockholm, at Stockholm
You could send them a message perhaps to enquire about specific networks, or apps. I did that for Poland, just to get the gist.