FP5 - image stabilisation experiences

Hi all,
I would like to ask you all, regarding your experiences with the mechanical image stabilisation, on FP5 camera.
From time to time, I am using my smartphone as navi on my motorcycle / bicycle, mounted on handlebar, and as well in the car in holder attached to the windscreen.

Some of my friends, using their iPhones on the handlebar on their motorcycles, were facing isseues with damaged → not working image stabilisers.
Since I have my FP5 from begining of january 2024, I used mine only few times only in the car (and all OK), and not on bike or motorcycle, so no conclusion, no experiences here.

So I was thinking, how much fragile or sensitive is image stabiliser on FP5 when riding / driving over the road potholes, bad quality road surface etc. I am not riding / driving off-road, Maybe on the bicycle in forests roads, but no “free ride, cros, downhill etc”.

I placed this question on Fairphone support, if they have some experiences from warranty claims or their own experiences. But answer as expected, no clear recomendation, only general stuff like “we do not recomend to use phone on motorcycle, but in car should be OK” , no warranty claims based info etc.

I am also aware, that in case I can easily change just thé damaged camera and problem solved. But will be good to know what man expect.

So that is why I am trying my luck here…:grinning:.
Thanks for comments,