FP5 How to change Screen Timeout

I’m starting to learn Android and this isn’t so easy if you’re used to a intuitif desktop O.S.

My most urgent need is to DISABLE that auto switch off. I don’t even have time to make a note (on my desktop computer, where i can boit down all what is necessary). Now as soon as 1 minute passes, the FP switches itself off, obliging me to re- enable the pattern, which, apparently can’t be removed/deleted anymore.

I never should have defined a pattern (or any other security lock) before finishing my first week of learning and defining the basics.


Q1a) Can I disable the auto-switch-off-phone?

Q1b) If not, can I make it far longer, before it is activated?

Q2. Can I disable to pattern login check? (even temporarily (for open day would help).


The phone is not switching off, just the screen locked, just to clarify wording.

Change: settings-display-screen timeout- change as you want


:point_right: Settings > Security > Screen lock


More in general, you might want to explore the settings app to find out what things you can configure: Swipe down twice from the top of your screen, then click the ‘cog’ icon to open settings. From there, you can either browse all settings, or search for specific ones by typing a keyword.


You (almost) saved my life… I feel much more relaxed!

Also very nice and… I activated the auto-rotate function, turned the FP horizontal* (-: which looks more natural to me as my eyes are placed horizontally, not vertically :slight_smile:
but NOTHING HAPPENS when I put the FP “vertically horizontal”
* = “with the length placed horizontally, or “from left to right”, or “the top of the FP to the left and the bottom to the right”, is there a proper term for? How do you call this?

I tried it with a video, I even rebooted (= “switch off, then back on”), but teheimage remain as it was before;
Or is it only available in certain apps, or is “auto-rotate” something totally different?

@bveldkamp: After quite some time (I guess it must have been at least 15’) the AUTO ROTATE worked. It always surprised me that a computerised machines takes several minutes to acknowledge a simple ON/OFF issue.

As they perform millions instruction/second (maybe nowadays it are PETA instructions/second), I can’t image the number of operations it performed before finally allowing it (= the FP) to effectively ROTATE the screen when necessary [LOL].

and why is my text always enclosed in triple stars?

(is it because I edit it in another application, which is more easy for me to write and correct in? and, if so how can I avoid those triple stars < < < I now removed them manually 1/1)

On auto-rotate in general: Many users keep this deactivated because for them it often auto-rotates too quickly and too often. When auto-rotate is deactivated and you tilt the screen to a side, the screen should temporarily (2-3 seconds) show a button for manual rotation in one of the far bottom corners of the screen. If you don’t tap that button, the button will then disappear until you tilt the screen in a new direction.

And pure speculation: If auto-rotation seems to be unresponsive on your FP5 … did you hold the device in your hands (“in the air”) or did it lie flat on a desk (or another surface)? In the latter case, I would not expect auto-rotate to work.

after enabled dic:developeroptions
you can disable timeout while charger connected with option “Stay awake”

Did you consider to use face unlock or fingerprint unlock instead? This is probably much easier to handle.

Dear k3dAR, And where can I fiond this “Stay awake” option?

is in Developer options, howto enable and where found is on link in my message above :wink:

Yes I tilted the screen physically to a vertical position. Isn’t there a good (¿lexicon?) terminology list of proper words to use?
Something shorter than:
“holding the FP physical vertical and with the top of the FP (i.e. where the lenses are on the back) directed to the left, and the bottom to the right to have a horizontal view” :slight_smile:
In my case the rotation kept too long, i.e. it didn’t get right fast enough. Sometimes I had to STOP the app, in order to let the rotation became RIGHT.

Where do I find “Developer options”???
Remember, I’m new [*], the most clear to me is
app > option/choice/or icon
Two examples:

  1. Settings > System > Security > More security settings > SIM car lock > enter it to disable it on switching on
  2. SWIPE from top to bottom twice and the bottom right button ¿knob? ¿icon? is to switch the FP off.

Another example of my state of being (get your seat belts fastened)
[*] an abecedarian, amateur, apprentice, beginner, greenie, learner, newcomer, neophyte, novice, starter, student, tenderfoot, trainee
is that when I archive an SMS message, I can’t find it back. Where is that archive (google tells me its in the mail app (which, as usual, IS NOT TRUE, but I’m so accustomed to Google’s lies that I don’t bother anymore). It is also not found i files; so where so I have to look for which option to chose in what app?

The SMS topic is discussed in a seperate topic, please dont duplicate here.

I advise you to not use developer settings for the time being, and do one step after the other and not too much at the same time.

When you change things, make a note so that you know what you did and you can re-do when it brings you into trouble.

There is no need to learn everything from the first day.


on link i write before dic:developeroptions you can see:
- FP2, FP3, FP4 and FP5: Settings > About Phone > tap build number 10 times
- Settings > System > (Advanced) > Developer Options > ON

They include the “stay awake” option (this will keep the screen from “falling asleep” while the phone is plugged in

first point is about unhide Developers Options section in Settings app.
second point is about where you can enable Developers Option and find all option for it…

I tried it out and the Developer options did work (I had to tap only 8x) but now I’m very afraid because it won’t get me status back to normal and… I’m only a abecedarian, (amateur, apprentice, beginner, greenie, learner, newcomer, neophyte, novice, starter, student, tenderfoot, trainee)
So how can i switch back to before, to disable this developer status?!??

Just switch it off again, were you switched it on.

You have to open the dev settings and then disable it at the top.

Sorry dear @k3dAR, @Incanus & @yvmuell; I’m starting to understand and wanted to do too many new things too fast.
To switch off developer was easy: Settings > System > (Advanced) > Developer Options > OFF
I discovered it today and did only go back to this topic now, and… notice I missed 2 other responses.
Sorry to all 3 of you :frowning:
Now I’m just facing an alarm issue, which I will post if I don’t find it, after some more tests.

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