FP5 brightness randomly reduces

Hi. Since I installed the latest update on my FP5 yesterday, the display keeps on dimming randomly. Adaptive brightness is off and the brightness bar is set to max. If I tap the brightness bar, it reverts to 100% brightness.
Is this happening to anyone else?

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Could you look through the following post and see whether it’s describing the same problem as yours? If so, we’ll move your contribution over to the other conversation.
Also could you indicate the build number (useful for reference later, even if you’re on the latest version “now” :slightly_smiling_face: )

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Hi. Thanks but no, it’s not the same problem. I’ve rebooted and the problem persists.

Build no. Is FP5.TT4C.A.154.20240320


Hi. I’ve responded on the forum

I’ve been having issues with the brightness, but it seems to be getting brighter randomly rather than dimmer…

Also experiencing issues with the brightness. It changes brighter and dimmer very aggressively. Linus Tech Tips mentioned in their review that the FP likely doesn’t use any smoothing in their auto brightness. Not sure if that’s the issue or not, but it definitely doesn’t behave like any other phone I’ve used before.

Interesting that others are having similar problems. I’ve checked again and adaptive brightness is definitely disabled, but the problem persists.

same problem, adaptive brightness is definitely off and the brightness reduces every time I lock my phone. But the slider is still on max.

The same to me since last firmware update FP5.TT4C.A.154.20240320. I noticed also screen goes bright just before going off after inactivity timeout.
DC Dimming was on, when I switched it off behaviour was normal again.


@all please report this to FPs Customer Support.

Thanks all.

Bimbam - your issue is not quite the same but I’ve checked and DC Dimming was switched on. (What’s DC Dimming?)

Switched it off now and I’ll see whether the problem persists


DC dimming is used to control the brightness of the display with less flickering as the common PWM mode produces.

Thanks, all. Switching off DC Dimming appears to have solved the problem

Same problem here DC dimming on display appears to be at 50% but when display brightness bar which is at 100% is touched screen brightness jumps to 100% .
All with adaptive Brightness. off

Where i can set DC vs PWM dimming?
And what DC Stands for?

I have the same or a similar Problem. Brightness seems to low in general and only a touch on the Brightness bar can fix it. Bar is full Auto is off etc.

Settings/Display/DC dimming


DC dimming is direct current as opposed to PWM which is pulse width modulation


Thanks you both, found it and turned it off. Problem is now solved.

The issue didnt happened to me yet after diaabling dc dimming.
Does this fixed it for everyone else too?

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it did for me at least. DC Dimming seems to be bugged

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