FP5 Battery Protection max 80%, but no minimum?

I am trying to squeeze my FP5 for longest battery life. ATM I’m getting a couple of hours more than 3 full days on an 80% charge. I was happy to find that FP5 stops charging even if it is on the charger the whole night. That part works really well.

I’d like to know if it is possible to add an option to not start charging until a minimum threshold is reached. I would like to be able to charge from 2% to 80% if possible. If I have some power left before going to sleep, I would like the battery to take care of it until the minimum is reached. Could this extend the durabillity of the battery perhaps, even by a bit.

In my opinion the minimum level should not be under 20%.


If you want to not go under 20%, the suggested minimum should be able to handle the 20% for you,. If you go to bed when you have say 25% power left. Use the last 5% without charging and auto-commence on 20%, charge to 80% or 100% if that is your choice.

That said, the 18% that I use represents around 15 hours of use. I wonder why you don’t want to go under 20%?

Because requesting power from the battery at a lower charge level means again more stress to the battery and shortens its lifetime.
But apart from that I’m interested in this:

Can you elaborate a bit on the measures taken to achieve this? I haven’t taken care too much about any optimizations yet (only didn’t use the always on display, turned off Google functionality etc.) but would be interested to see if there is more that I could do that would still not interfere with my usage profile.

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Both charging the battery to high as well as draining it to low can be equally bad for its lifespan. That being said - the percentage displayed by the phone can in theory represent an arbitrary battery state depending on the heuristic the phone uses. Do we know whether appropriate limits maintaining sufficient charge when reaching ‘0%’ are already enforced by the FP5 implicitly or will there actually be a significantly improved lifespan by not going below 20%?

I set the phone to use 4G instead of 5G, and switch off the wifi when I’m on route.
I set the nightmode/monochrome mode in the evening.
No AOD, just a few widgets. Screen refresh rate is on 60Hz and screen is dimmed a bit.
Phonewise, I am a light user, I do play some online boardgames which amounts to a couple of minutes per day., for sure less than 30 minutes. I make use of some chat apps, but not heavily so.
The most battery hunger app must be Sleep as Android, that takes 15-20% overnight.
I turn off wifi when I set my alarm clock for the next day. I set the charging on slow charge, as most of the time, I’m not in a hurry to get the phone charged. Slow-charging may keep the battery healthy for longer.

Browsing and watching video content is mostly done on a tablet or pc.

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This feature doesn’t exist because there is no need for it! I think you mixed up battery rules for NiCd and Lithium. You said: “If I have some power left before going to sleep, I would like the battery to take care of it until the minimum is reached.” And this is bad for the battery. There is no memory effect for Lithium batteries (not even for NiMH) and they are happy about every percent they get charged earlier.

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