FP5 Battery draining fast after latest sytem update

Just after installing the latest system update, I notice the battery is draining fast.
I haven’t changed anything so still no NFC, no Aod, no 5G…
Anybody else noticed this?
Is it possible to restore to point before the latest update?

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After an update it can happen that the battery is draining fast. It can take a few cycles to normalise.

Hi there,
I got latest update from 6.2.2024 (Yesterday), and I got almost whole day today (from 7:00 to 23: 45) 5G on, some calls, messages, web browsing, 50 minutes MP3 on cable head phones, flash light, ať home on WiFi, and battery went down from 67% to 25%.
In my experience it is definitely not worse than before…

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ok txs, I’ll see if goes better in a couple of days

Hi. My FP5 system is up to date (updated during last month, I think).
It’s losing charge (lost 30% over 7 hrs overnight) when on standby & in DND mode. Display goes auto-off after 5 mins, but there’s often a message “No photo selected” on a black screen.
Any hints welcome on what might be causing this. Thanks.

Update: Turning off Bluetooth scanning and WiFi scanning (in Settings/Location Services) significantly reduced the battery draining.

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