FP5 Battery draining fast after latest sytem update

Just after installing the latest system update, I notice the battery is draining fast.
I haven’t changed anything so still no NFC, no Aod, no 5G…
Anybody else noticed this?
Is it possible to restore to point before the latest update?

After an update it can happen that the battery is draining fast. It can take a few cycles to normalise.

Hi there,
I got latest update from 6.2.2024 (Yesterday), and I got almost whole day today (from 7:00 to 23: 45) 5G on, some calls, messages, web browsing, 50 minutes MP3 on cable head phones, flash light, ať home on WiFi, and battery went down from 67% to 25%.
In my experience it is definitely not worse than before…

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ok txs, I’ll see if goes better in a couple of days